Meme Queen Itati Cantoral is Almost as Dramatic as Soraya Montenegro

We all owe Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral so much.

Quien es ??? Adivina ?

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Without her, Soraya Montenegro wouldn’t exist. And without Soraya Montenegro, this iconic scene from María la del Barrio wouldn’t exist.


And neither would some of your favorite memes:

Credit: Televisa
Credit: Televisa

Unfortunately for Ms. Cantoral, she’s become a lightning rod for gossip and criticism. Earlier this month, Mexicans buzzed about Cantoral possibly being drunk on the TV talk show Hoy.


It’s not the first time Cantoral has allegedly been drunk on TV.

Cantoral made a Paula Abdul-esque appearance on the show, where, at times, it wasn’t totally clear if she had one too many or just hated the guts of everyone on the show.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 3.31.46 PM

It was probably both. Cantoral went off the cuff for most of the interview, which included hard-hitting questions such as, “How much like Soraya Montenegro are you in bed?”

You can watch the cringe-inducing interview here:

Credit: Hoy / YouTube

Days later, Cantoral began trending for a different reason. According to TV Notas, Cantoral took a group of orphans – some of them blind – to experience the play Annie. 

Credit: El_Universal_Mx / Twitter

The play is called Anita la Huerfanita in Mexico.

And apparently, lots of people thought it was dumb to take orphans to see a play about an orphan. So the memes began:


Followed by joke after joke:

Cantoral said the trip to the theater was set up by her newly-created foundation that seeks to help orphaned children. TV news anchor Joaquín López-Dóriga said people should help the orphans instead of making jokes about the situation.

Basically, Cantoral and López-Dóriga had this message for everyone:


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How this Latino Turned Gun Violence into a Lucrative Enterprise

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How this Latino Turned Gun Violence into a Lucrative Enterprise

Miguel Caballero

Miguel Caballero knows what it takes to protect someone from a gunshot. He also knows that conventional bulletproof vests can be bulky and obvious. Which is why he has become the maker of the most stylish bulletproof clothing in the world, and it’s not just bulletproof vests he makes.

His bulletproof clothing is so stylish that you’d have a hard time telling the difference between a regular t-shirt and one of his, a best-selling item ($1,690). Some of his clothes is so sharp, that he now makes clothes for 11 Latin American presidents. And, although it’s not confirmed, it’s rumored that he even dressed President Obama for his 2009 Inauguration.

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And after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Caballero also got inquiries from worried parents and decided to create a bulletproof backpack for kids.

But his 2016 collection — the most stylish to date — is what he’s going to show off at the NRA-sponsored Shot Show convention. It includes items like a classy dinner blazer made in corduroy, cotton, and suede, and can cost between $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the level of protection. There’s also the women’s sporty vest with an anti-trauma plate and breastbone protection. The panels can protect you against a bullet from .357 Magnums, 38 Supers, and mini Uzi submachine guns. It costs $3,800.

His clothes are not cheap, and it’s how, over the course of 24 years, he’s built a multi-million dollar company selling in more than 24 countries around the world.

He makes his clothes with multi-layered tissue made with cross-linked fiber that traps bullets and spreads the energy to a wider area. Usually, he tests his clothing items by shooting someone in front of his employees, and by doing so, he’s “telling my people we have to be excellent in the quality of our product,” he says. “We cannot have one little mistake.”

Read more about the bulletproof tailor here.

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