Meme Queen Itati Cantoral is Almost as Dramatic as Soraya Montenegro

We all owe Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral so much.

Quien es ??? Adivina ?

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Without her, Soraya Montenegro wouldn’t exist. And without Soraya Montenegro, this iconic scene from María la del Barrio wouldn’t exist.

And neither would some of your favorite memes:

Credit: Televisa
Credit: Televisa

Unfortunately for Ms. Cantoral, she’s become a lightning rod for gossip and criticism. Earlier this month, Mexicans buzzed about Cantoral possibly being drunk on the TV talk show Hoy.

Cantoral made a Paula Abdul-esque appearance on the show, where, at times, it wasn’t totally clear if she had one too many or just hated the guts of everyone on the show.

You can watch the cringe-inducing interview here:

Credit: Hoy / YouTube

Days later, Cantoral began trending for a different reason. According to TV Notas, Cantoral took a group of orphans – some of them blind – to experience the play Annie. 

Credit: El_Universal_Mx / Twitter

The play is called Anita la Huerfanita in Mexico.

And apparently, lots of people thought it was dumb to take orphans to see a play about an orphan. So the memes began:

Followed by joke after joke:

Cantoral said the trip to the theater was set up by her newly-created foundation that seeks to help orphaned children. TV news anchor Joaquín López-Dóriga said people should help the orphans instead of making jokes about the situation.

Basically, Cantoral and López-Dóriga had this message for everyone:

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11 Signs You’re The Soraya Of Your Squad


11 Signs You’re The Soraya Of Your Squad

There’s a Soraya in every friends group. If you look around your clique and don’t see one, well. Then it might just be you.

Let’s check and see…

1. You’re defiant and independent af.

Credit: Televisa

For example, the face above is the one you make whenever friends ask, “You really gonna eat all that?” WATCH ME.

2. You don’t forget. And rarely forgive.

Credit: Televisa

Some people believe in second chances. Good for them. But as for as you’re concerned, your friends are forever… and so are your enemies.

3. You have very high standards.

Credit: NovelaLounge

And that extends to your circle of friends, too. For example, if you know a friend is dating someone beneath her, you can’t help but say so! No matter the consequences…

4. You think you can take a joke, but…

Credit: Televisa

…you really and truly can’t.

5. You hate admitting when you’re wrong.

Credit: Televisa

Probably because you’ve never been wrong yet. ?

6. You LIVE for chisme.

Credit: Televisa

It’s not that you’re a metiche so much as you love being in the know about what’s going on.

7. You wear your emotions across your face.

Credit: Televisa

Your face is super honest, even when you’re trying to keep your emotions hidden, so your friends ALWAYS know exactly how you feel.

8. You have a… unique sense of humor.

Credit: Televisa


9. You fight dirty.

Credit: NovelaLounge

Your closest friends know to get the hell away from you when you’re in “a mood.”

10. You’re “not” “sarcastic.”

Credit: Televisa

Sometimes people can’t tell whether you’re being earnest and nice… or sarcastic and less-than-nice. Then again, you wouldn’t be super close to anyone who DOESN’T get sarcasm.

11. You’ve got big plans for you and your friends.

Credit: Televisa

The kind of plans that are best shared over a glass of wine while laughing maniacally. But, seriously: You strive to be the best and push those you care about to aim high, too.

So: You may be tough (and a fighter), but deep-down it’s all because you care*!

*Does not apply to escuinclas babosas.

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Soraya On OITNB Is More Savage Than We Could’ve Ever Imagined


Soraya On OITNB Is More Savage Than We Could’ve Ever Imagined


Posted by Orange Is the New Black on Monday, June 20, 2016

Credit: OITNB / Facebook

We’d like to take a moment to thank the Netflix gods for this gem.

When Itatí Cantoral teased us that she’d resurrect Soraya in “Orange Is The New Black,” we were yelling with excitement [in Spanish], but we had no idea how GOOD it was going to be. Yesterday OITNB’s Facebook page gave us a small taste of what that evil villain Soraya would bring to OITNB. It’s safe to say, she’s f*cking batsh*t CRAZY.

Yes, she brings the telenovela drama.

Yes, she calls the inmates marginales.

Yes, there’s a manicómio involved!

And YES, she does it all…In Spanish.

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