This 11-Year-Old Is Melting Hearts And Keeping New Yorkers Sane

Cancel your overpriced therapy sessions ASAP because for $2 this kid could potentially change your life.

Ciro Ortiz, this adorable 11-year-old middle-schooler, is giving “emotional advice” to Brooklyn subway riders in need of guidance.

I gave him $2 but told him he could keep the advice because from here on out I've given up — and given up on — emotions.

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With his parents’ approval, Ortiz has been setting up shop every Sunday for the past few weeks from noon to 2 p.m. On a good day he makes about $50. But don’t go thinking that he’s splurging his earnings on random crap. His parents said that he’s actually using his money to buy food for kids who can’t afford it. What an angel!

So what makes Ortiz a qualified counselor? Well, his mom said that Ortiz is wise beyond his years and is extremely sensitive, which is why his advice is usually on point.

realest ive seen here in a min lmao

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“Somebody came up to us and said that what he told her is what she’d been feeling in her gut that whole time,” Adam Ortiz, Ciro’s dad, told The New York Post.

In fact, it’s his mom who helps him set up his office and marketing strategy.

creeper mom. emotional advice in progress. #emotionaladvice #emotionaladvicekid #mylove

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She’s always close by monitoring his business making sure it runs smoothly.

So if you’re in need of some life advice, reach out to the business Instagram account his mom created.

#emotionaladvice #emotionaladvicekid #mysun

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@emotionaladvicekid. He’s now at 130 followers.

Or stop by the little guy’s office. He accepts walk-ins.

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Learn more about this little counselor here

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Here’s How One Child Spent His Birthday Asking People To Help Him Raise Money To Close The Camps

Things That Matter

Here’s How One Child Spent His Birthday Asking People To Help Him Raise Money To Close The Camps

Courtesy of Raquel Mata

Children are facing inhumane and deadly conditions in detention camps on the southern border being compared to concentration camps. The crisis is becoming a part of daily conversations and a sad legacy of the Trump administration. That’s why people are trying to fight back by giving money to organizations fighting the atrocious conditions created by the administration’s deadly policies.

A 4-year-old child celebrated his birthday by raising money for an organization fighting against Trump’s immigration policies.

Courtesy of Raquel Mata

“We have joined this birthday with an organization that helps the children detained at the border,” reads the invitation. “If you want to get me a gift, then unite with me and give money as my gift.”

The birthday is everything you would expect from a 4-year-old birthday, complete with a mordida.

Courtesy of Raquel Mata

The only real departure from a typical child’s birthday party was the humanitarian call to action. The birthday boy put his money where his mouth is by wearing a mitú Close The Camps t-shirt. The shirts, made in partnership with RAICES, is raising money for the immigration service organization with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting RAICES.

His mother made it a point to share exactly what they were doing for everyone checking out her Instagram story.

Courtesy of Raquel Mata

“We decided to host a party with a purpose for Ian. With his consent,” she wrote on Instagram. “No games, no clothes, no gifts, but let’s give financial donations to the organization RAICES that helps children who are separated from their parents are the border and puts them in cages.”

Honestly, no one could rock this t-shirt better than Ian.

Courtesy of Raquel Mata

Children younger than the birthday boy are spending untold amounts of time in horrendous conditions in camps along the southern border. Some children have died because of the conditions, like being denied medication, toothbrushes, and beds.

Happy birthday, little dude.

Your parents are clearly very proud of you and the stand you are taking to help children just like you.

Buy your own mitú + RAICES #CloseTheCamps shirt now from the mitú shop.

Credit: mitú shop

You can get own for kids clicking this link. Or one for yourself and all the adults in your life by clicking this link.

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This Little Girl Destroyed Her Mom’s Limited Edition Manny MUA Palette And We Feel The Pain


This Little Girl Destroyed Her Mom’s Limited Edition Manny MUA Palette And We Feel The Pain

@HayleyBalls_ / Twitter

Kids say the darnedest things, and they do some messy things too. For the most part, you have to forgive them — they are kids after all. However, it’s one thing to spill Cheerios all over the floor and quite another when they get into expensive and limited edition makeup.

This little girl could not help but get her mom’s palette and place it everywhere.

Credit: @HayleyBalls_ / Twitter

@HayleyBalls_ tweets that she had it with her daughter after she destroyed her Manny MUA makeup pallet, which by the way is no longer for sale. If you thought just ruining the makeup was bad enough, it is impossible to find this in any stores.

At first, viewers can’t tell the extent of the damage but it’s clear that the little girl put it all over her hands and her eyes.

Credit: @HayleyBalls_ / Twitter

She clearly has seen her mother put the eyeshadow on her eyes with her fingers, like most of us. However, most of the precious makeup is all over the table. Her mom was livid but what can you do?

Of course, Manny MUA saw the travesty and reached out to the mother to offer her a little something.

Look at this amazing artist saving the day. He just sauntered right in to the thread and gave the mom something that will definitely make up for losing her limited edition palette.

Other moms chimed in to let the OP know that she is not alone in her devastation because kids obviously hate nice things.

Why do kids love to get into makeup? It’s like their little hands just love the feeling of fresh eye shadow and blush. Tbh, we all did this to our mom’s makeup and it is almost like we are dealing with the payback we deserve.

It is a soul-crushing moment when you first realized your favorite makeup palette and your little one are nowhere to be found.

It seems like it is time for someone to create a company that specializes in makeup safes. Or even packaging for makeup that is childproof. We make sure they can’t get into medicine, shouldn’t we do the same for makeup?

This video is also serving as a form of birth control for some women.

Now we know why they say kids are expensive. Sure, there is a lot of money that goes into the feeding, clothing, and educating of the little rugrats. However, the bulk of the money wasted, I mean spent, on the kids is replacing things they break or lose.

Truly a #NeverForget moment for mothers and makeup lovers everywhere.

This little girl is probably going to have to go to therapy after this. If not her, then her mother is definitely getting some help to process everything that’s happened.

Cute, but damn!

The good thing is that she got it replaced with something. We don’t know what but we are sure Manny MUA really helped the mother feel better about her heart crushing moment.

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