Meet The American Soccer Fan Who Walks To Tijuana To Get His Fill Of Tacos And Soccer

Credit: KICKTV / YouTube

“When I cross the border, you’ll never not see a smile on my face.”

Meet Marty “El GringoXolo” Albert, a guy from San Diego who lives to surf – and watch Mexican soccer. Albert is a fan of Los Xoloitzcuintles, the Liga MX team based in Tijuana, Mexico. Albert, who says he played soccer as a child, says his love for the game was rekindled after watching European soccer. His love grew even deeper when he realized there was a pro team – Xolos de Tijuana – across the San Diego border. KICKTV joined Albert and a few of his fellow “Gringo Xolo” buddies to show why these American fans make the trek across the border to watch Mexican soccer.

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9 Things You'll Find In Every Cuban-American's Pantry

food and drink

9 Things You’ll Find In Every Cuban-American’s Pantry


There a few staples most people have in their refrigerators: milk, juice, some mystery thing in a takeout box that you keep forgetting to throw out. But Cuban-Americans have a few special items that are all our own. Check it out:

A random bowl of lentejas.

#lentejascubanas #lentelsoup #cubanthrowndown

A photo posted by ?Let Out The Queen Within? (@arabikqueen) on

Credit: @arabikqueen / Instagram

With cling wrap over the top, ~for freshness.~


Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

People think everyone across Latin America eats spicy food. But for us, it’s all about the  garlic.

Even. More. Garlic.

Credit: Open Road Films / Filmson / Tumblr

I’m not kidding around.  

Sofrito in a butter container.

Credit: Alex Alvarez / mitú

There’s a 99.99999999999% chance any butter container in any Latino’s kitchen is not going to contain butter.

Gallons of leche condensada.

#LecheCondensada #life #sabrosoo :G A photo posted by Gabriel Kanzler (@breindenbach) on

Credit: Instagram/@breindenbach

We have a *BIT* of a sweet tooth, and sometimes this manifests as drinking directly from a can of leche condensada.


This came in the mail! #goya #guayaba The in-laws know what’s up!

A photo posted by EZRA (@ezramarcos) on

Credit: Instagram/ezramarcos

Preferably in the form of a thick, sugary paste.

And queso crema, of course.

the Cuban in me is HAPPY #guayabayquesocrema A photo posted by michelle merida morgado (@chellsfargo) on

Credit: Instagram/chellsfargo

Because how are you going to have guayaba without queso crema? It’d be all lonely.

Tupperware packed with frijoles negros.

A photo posted by Havanatur (@havanatur) on
Credit: Instagram/havantur

The only thing better than frijoles are leftover frijoles.

This specific tin of saltines… only filled with rice.

Credit: Keebler/SamsClub

Where’d all the saltines go?

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What’s your favorite item in your kitchen right now? It’s the garlic, isn’t it? Let us know below.