Meet The American Soccer Fan Who Walks To Tijuana To Get His Fill Of Tacos And Soccer

Credit: KICKTV / YouTube

“When I cross the border, you’ll never not see a smile on my face.”

Meet Marty “El GringoXolo” Albert, a guy from San Diego who lives to surf – and watch Mexican soccer. Albert is a fan of Los Xoloitzcuintles, the Liga MX team based in Tijuana, Mexico. Albert, who says he played soccer as a child, says his love for the game was rekindled after watching European soccer. His love grew even deeper when he realized there was a pro team – Xolos de Tijuana – across the San Diego border. KICKTV joined Albert and a few of his fellow “Gringo Xolo” buddies to show why these American fans make the trek across the border to watch Mexican soccer.

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