Meet The Latino Actor Who Appeared In Two Iconic Horror Movie Franchises

It’s no secret that Latinos love horror movies. While Latinos usually make up 22 percent of movie audiences, that number can shoot up to 50 percent when it’s a horror movie. And although Latinos show up to the box office, they’re usually not represented in the films they watch. But the seeds are there.

This is Miguel Nuñez, Jr. He’s a Dominican-American actor who has appeared in countless movies and TV series for more than three decades.

He’s kind of infamous for his appearance in the critically panned movie “Juwanna Mann.”

Credit: Warner Bros.

Yeah, it’s the movie about a former pro basketball star who is so desperate to play pro ball again that he dresses up as a woman. The creators of the movie probably hoped for it to be “Mrs. Doubtfire” on a basketball court, but it just ended up being a brick. “A Tootsie-role sports farce that’s a drag in every which way,” said Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly.

Before that, Nuñez played Dee Jay in the campy live-action “Street Fighter” movie from 1994 that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Credit: Universal Pictures

It also featured Damian Chapa (a.k.a Miklo from “Blood In, Blood Out”) as Ken Masters.

In the ’80s, though, Nuñez made two memorable appearances in iconic horror movie franchises. His first was in “Friday The 13th: A New Beginning,” where he played a guy named Demon.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

He had a sweet mullet, a killer leather vest and a flashy earring — everything you needed in the ’80s to be considered cool.

Unfortunately, during a night out (in his tricked out van) with his girlfriend, Anita, Demon really had to poop.

Credit: Universal Pictures

“It’s those enchiladas,” exclaims Demon.

He’s gotta go bad, so he makes a break for a sketchy outhouse close to where they’re parked.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Oh, you know what happens next. After Demon expels the evil substances in his intestines…

Credit: Universal Pictures

He exits to find his girlfriend on the ground — dead. He frantically rushes back into the port-a-potty — but it’s too late. Jason attacks Demon with a huge metal spear and eventually kills him.

Credit: Universal Pictures

You can watch the full scene here. Although he was in “Friday The 13th: A New Beginning” for about five minutes total, Demon was one of the most beloved characters in the movie.

Nuñez was equally memorable in “Return Of The Living Dead,” where he played a punk rocker named Spider.

Credit: Orion Pictures

Spider and his squad of punks stumble onto an even bigger squad: zombies hungry for brains.

Credit: Orion Pictures

Like Demon, Spider also had a mullet, vest and earring. Maybe they’re cousins?

Credit: Orion Pictures

Unlike Demon in “Friday The 13th,” Spider gets way more screen time. And he doesn’t get killed by a zombie…

Credit: Orion Pictures

… He fights off the zombies and pretty much survives until the end. Unfortunately, *SPOILERS* he and the other survivors are killed when the U.S. military fires nuclear missiles into the town to destroy it.

Credit: Orion Pictures

No pos wow.

It’s rare to find Latino (Afro-Latino, at that) protagonists in horror flicks, so shout out to Miguel Nuñez Jr. for playing one of the coolest characters in horror movie history. We salute you.

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