Meet The Hardcore Mexico Soccer Fan Who You’ve Probably Seen On TV

Meet Hector Chavez. Look familiar?

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

Sorta? How about now?

Credit: TV Azteca
CREDIT: Credit: TV Azteca

If you watch fútbol, especially the Mexican national team, you’re definitely familiar with Chavez.

That’s right, Chavez — better known as “El Caramelo” — is a Mexican soccer super fan who has attended hundreds of Mexico matches.

Credit: Televisa Deportes
CREDIT: Credit: Televisa Deportes

Chavez, whose obsession began at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, has traveled to more than 100 cities and 30 countries to support the Mexican national team.

You can easily spot him by his signature gear. A black charro hat featuring his nickname…

And a Mexican flag emblazoned with the name of his hometown: Chihuahua.

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

Chavez said he’s got a simple reason for going to so many matches: he’s proud of his people.

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

“I believe in my country. I believe in Mexicans,” he once told Univision.

He’s become such a ubiquitous figure that Mexico’s national team has actually given him tickets to attend matches.

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

Chavez told Univision that on some occasions, the Mexican national team will hook him up with seats when its players have left over tickets.

When he doesn’t have a ticket for an important match, Chavez has a go-to routine to score tickets on gameday.

Chavez says he waits outside the stadium about 10 minutes before the national anthems play, because scalpers want to get rid of their tickets and are willing to drop their prices.

All of this begs the question: What does El Caramelo do for a living?

According to Mexican journalist Luis Froylan Castañe, Chavez owns several businesses — one of them involves jewelry and another involves parking lot rentals.

And according to Chavez, his wife is totally cool with his hobby.

So next time you’re watching a Mexico game on TV, look closely and you may find El Caramelo in the crowd, cheering on El Tri.

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

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