Meet The Dominicano Who Brought Mexico’s Lucha Libre To The Bronx

Credit: VICE / YouTube

“We have lawyers, we have construction workers.”

Everyone has their way of letting off steam after a long day at work. Some people binge on Netflix, others hit the gym, and some hunt Pokemon. VICE visited a place in the Bronx where everyone from lawyers to construction workers slip on some tights and throw each other around while strangers watch, enthralled by their every move. Daro’s Extreme Fitness, a gym housed in an unassuming brick building, doubles as the home for the Bronx Wrestling Federation. Founded by Frank Segundo, a Dominican who fell in love with Mexican lucha libre, the BWF has become a neighborhood institution where amateurs can get a taste of pro wrestling and where fans see it go down from up close. By day, Segundo is the founder of BWF, by night, he wrestles as Bronco Internacional. VICE took a tour of the BWF from John Torres, a budding filmmaker who also wrestles to carry on the tradition his father, “Lighting” Johnny Torres, passed along to him in his youth.

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