11-Year-Old MC Soffia will be Your New Favorite Rapper


“I Say MC Soffia”

Have you ever met an 11-year-old with the combined confidence and wisdom of ten 30-year-olds? Pretty sure you haven’t, so meet Brazilian rapper, MC Soffia.

This young girl from Sao Paulo — who started rapping at six — is empowering girls, especially young Afro-Latinas in Brazil. Her message: be proud of who you are in spite of the rampant racism in the country.

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“We are black children and that’s for sure,” she sings. “Don’t take from us our right to live.” Drop mic.

“They say [black girls] are ugly because they are black,” MC Soffia tells Nós, Mulheres da Periferia. “They shouldn’t accept that. They should accept who they are. … do not be ashamed.” #Damnstraight

Besides racism, she sings about beauty ideals, education and all the women she admires, most of whom she learned about in history class like Frida, Clementina de Jesus and Cleopatra.

BTW, her pink bow IS on point.

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