Finally, a Latino Music Festival that Isn’t all Banda

Ever heard of the Maywood Music Festival? No. You’re missing out because organizers of the festival hit the ball OUT OF THE PARK this year. Their key to success: catering to young Latino millennials, who don’t necessarily want to listen to Mexican banda.

The festival is an effort to highlight the region’s youth, born to first generation immigrants. The acts, which sometimes jumped from English to Spanish, consisted of heavy metal, hip-hop, urban cumbia and blues bands, as noted by the LA Times.

The city of 28,000 residents has gone through some rough patches and as it rebuilds it looks to its young residents for support and leadership.

“We have friends opening up galleries. We have friends opening up delis and cafes, things we want to see in our community,” said David Martinez, 20, who helped organize last year’s Maywood Music Festival. “This festival is coming from that same vein.”

Don’t forget to add to your festival list for next year.

To learn more on this year’s Maywood Festival, click here.

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