Masa & The Power Starring Chingo Bling – Episode 3

Blue Corn and Green Thumbs

Now that Juan Hierbas is down with the crew, it’s time to sow the seeds for success. Juan takes Felipe and Wayne to a sun-baked mountain. He claims it’s the perfect location to plant Felipe’s blue corn kernels. After spending a few tense hours in the hot sun, Felipe and Wayne become increasingly skeptical of Juan’s so-called horticulture expertise. The guys re-charge their bodies with a candied apple and continue their search until Juan feels the Earth speaking to him — has the crew finally found the right spot? Shek out the bideo right now, foo!

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How to Make Chimichurri Like an Argentinian

Food & Drink

How to Make Chimichurri Like an Argentinian

Classic Chimichurri

If you’ve had an Argentine dish, you probably had some delicious green sauce on the side. It’s called chimichurri and you can become addicted to it REAL QUICK. Finding fresh chimichurri at your market may be a pain, but there’s a super easy solution for that — make it yourself. For real; it’s not hard. James Carson breaks down all the ingredients you need to make some of that green, garlicky goodness. Just add it to grilled meat, bread…whatever you want.

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