One Of Mexico’s Most Iconic Actors Just Died And People Are Losing It

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Mexico is mourning one of its biggest loss with the passing of Mario Almada, a legendary figure in the Mexican film industry who passed away Tuesday night in Cuernavaca, Morelos due to a respiratory failure. He was 94.

“He wasn’t sick,” said Almada’s daughter in law, Teresa Rivero to El Universal. “He died in peace, without suffering. Just as he deserved it,” she assured.

Almada, who began his film trajectory in 1935 at 13 years old, was known for his roles in action pictures and urban westerns. He was usually the hero, portraying cops, sergeants, and sheriffs. OC Weekly said, “he was Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Dolemite, and Billy Jack rolled into one grizzled, taciturn, Stetson-wearing, gun-slinging viejo abrón.”

Mario Almada
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With a prosperous career than spanned more than seven decades, Almada participated in over 300 films shot on 35 mm.

“That’s just counting films shot on film. I’m not counting videohomes. I’ve probably acted in more than 1,000 of those,” he told VICE in 2009.

At the time of the interview, Almada allegedly held the Guinness World Record for the living actor who’s appeared in the most movies.

Almada’s most popular films include: “Todo por nada” (1968), “El tunco Maclovio” (1970), “La viuda negra” (1977), and “Tacos de oro” (1985). He also collaborated many times with Los Tigres del Norte, in films such as “La Banda del Carro Rojo” (1978) and “La Camioneta Gris” (1990).

Most recently, he portrayed a godfather in the 2006 film “Bajo la misma luna” starring Kate del Castillo and Eugenio Derbez. In 2013, Almada received the lifetime achievement award at Premios Ariel, considered the most prestigious award in the Mexican movie industry. In addition to acting, Almada was also a director, writer and film producer.

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9 Lies You Don't Count As Lies, But Still Tell Your BFF


9 Lies You Don’t Count As Lies, But Still Tell Your BFF

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We’re not dishonest, we just know a little white lie doesn’t hurt.

1. Yeah, I’ll be there.

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You know damn well you’re not waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to join her Zumba class.

2. Ya mero llego.

Every time. Without fail. But doesn’t she know you run on a Latino clock?

3. Te ves divina ya vámonos.


Are those pants your abuela’s? But you can’t say that. Instead, you focus on the positives, like her super cute top.

4. Uh-huh.


You know she’s exaggerating only because you were right there! But you go along with it, she’s a talented story teller.

5. Eres mi mejor amiga.


So are Mari, Andrea and Paola.

6. It’s fat-free, calorie-free, sodium-free, carb-free… Eat up!

Credit: Flawless / Columbia Records

Because you don’t want to be the only fatty. ?

7. Mmmm qué rico!

Credit: That’s So Raven / Disney

Los tamales están medios crudos, but it’s her first attempt. You can’t crush her. Think of this as motivating her to improve by trial and error. Eventually someone else will let her know…

8. He’s good looking.


Love really is blind. And she’s in love.

9. Sí, luego te lo presto.

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She’s the sloppy friend. You love her to death, but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to let her wear your dress out and risk getting grease stains on it.

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