Interview: Mariana Vega Was Dropped from Her Record Label, Then She Won a Grammy

Meet Mariana Vega.


When she was only 15, Vega’s family made a big move.

But she remains a proud Venezolana…she ❤️️’s arepas.

She almost didn’t become a musician. 

 With big dreams came big hurdles.

Photo Credit: PYE Records

“The first time I released an international album it was with Wonder Music Mexico, and right after we released the first single they dropped me from the label,” confessed Vega. “They decided that it wasn’t going to work. I wasn’t sure if it was the single or the marketing strategy, but they decided that I wasn’t the right fit. That experience really shook me up. I thought I had made it that, I was committed to the label, I really thought it was my big break. It was really tough and very hard to pick myself up.”

But her work paid off. Last year, she won a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist.


So, what’s life like after winning a Grammy?

Her family keeps her grounded. 

She’s not obsessed with fame.

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