Mariah Carey Is Fighting Those Diva Rumors… From Her Yacht In Italy

Mariah Carey is putting all those crazy diva rumors to bed, once and for all.

“Entertainment Tonight” caught up with Mariah Carey to talk about her upcoming role in “Empire,” how she stays in shape while on vacation and all those crazy rumors about her. You know, those rumors of insane demands. She’s finally giving the world a definitive no to all of these stories the tabloids have been publishing about her for years, including:

That she has her favorite wine from France flown into whatever restaurant she goes to.

“Wow. Sure. We do that every day. That’s how it is,” Carey sarcastically said. “Please don’t believe that.”

That she makes her favorite restaurant in Italy play a playlist of her music when she walks in.


“Actually, there’s a great restaurant here called Aurora, which is one of my favorite places in the world, and they have their own playlist because I’ve been there so many times,” Carey told ET. “Somebody there made a playlist of my songs that I like better than the playlists that I have, and I was there and I was like, ‘Can we get this one?'”

But, she never denied being a diva during the interview.

Credit: MTV First / MTV / living-that-concept / Tumblr

Though, to be fair, how do you deny being a diva while wearing a sequined bathing suit while vacationing on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy while your billionaire fiancé vacations on his own yacht in the same bay?

We love you, Mariah. Never change.

Credit: I Know What You Want / mariahcxrey / Tumblr

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