Marco Rubio’s Website Has A Donald Trump Obsession

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Let’s face it, Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign is on the ropes. The son of Cuban immigrants who was for immigration reform, until he wasn’t, needs to win his home state of Florida next week to keep his campaign alive. And how does he plan to win Florida? By transforming his website into an anti-Donald Trump page.

The first thing you see when you visit MarcoRubio.com is this full-page pledge to stop Donald Trump.

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What’s with GOP candidates demanding that their supporters pledge their allegiance to them?

But wait, there’s more! Once you enter his site, there’s a video about Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience.

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And yes, you better believe Rubio is going to keep pounding the Trump University drum for as long as possible.

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Rubio even goes after Trump for allegedly employing undocumented immigrants to build Trump Tower.

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Speaking of undocumented immigrants, did you know that Rubio’s grandfather was an undocumented immigrant and not a refugee as he had previously claimed?

And for good measure, Rubio even has a anti-Trump donate button. Is it even working?

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Our interpretation is that Rubio is going for the “I’m not Donald Trump” strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working so well. According to “FiveThirthyEight,” Trump has a 79% chance of winning Florida.

Sadly for Rubio, homeboy can’t even draw a crowd in his home turf.

Cue the sad trombone.

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