Marco Rubio: YouTube Stars & Selfie Sticks are Not a Good Look for Obama

Obama Selfie Stick

Marco Rubio says he wants to bring a little class to the White House. During a recent appearance on Fox News, the Republican presidential candidate weighed in on Donald Trump and fired shots at President Obama for lacking class. When asked about Trump, Rubio maintained that Trump was bringing up valid issues, but not conducting himself with class. That’s when Rubio took aim at Obama:

Credit: Fox News / Marco Rubio / YouTube

“We already have a president now that has no class. I mean, we have a president now that does selfie-stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there – people who eat cereal out of a bathtub – he goes on comedy shows to talk about something as serious as Iran. The list goes on and on.”

People who eat cereal out of a bathtub?

Credit: The White House / YouTube

Rubio was referring to Glozell Green, one of three YouTube stars who were selected to interview President Obama in January. The interview was was organized by the Obama Administration to reach out to young voters. To date, it has more than three million views on YouTube.

And yes, GloZell did eat cereal out of a bathtub once…

Credit: GloZell Green / YouTube

But not during her interview with President Obama.

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What’s the deal with the selfie stick?

Obama Selfie Stick
Credit: BuzzFeed / Facebook

Rubio was referring to “Things everybody does but doesn’t talk about,” a BuzzFeed video featuring President Obama doing everyday things – things like using a selfie stick. President Obama appeared in the video in an effort to give Obamacare more exposure. The video has more than 54 million views on Facebook.

Apparently, Marco Rubio believes Obama’s strategy to reach out to young people has led Obama to put himself in “classless” situations.

Earlier this year, Amy Brundage, deputy communications director at the White House, told the Washington Post that Obama can’t ignore social media: “Our consideration is these platforms just reach so many people, we can’t not play in that space.”

Classless or creative? What do you think about President Obama reaching out to YouTube stars and playing with selfie sticks? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Typical: Things You Hear at Every Vidcon


Typical: Things You Hear at Every Vidcon

thejoshleyva / Instagram

VidCon is for the lovers of all things online video. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably counted down the minutes to vlogging live and taking selfies… not to mention live tweet all the things overheard at the conference, like:

Aaahhhhh, Vidcon’s finally here!


Who’s in the house?

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Here, let’s take a selfie.


Credit: @valeriemeachum / Twitter

Can’t wait to meet all my fans!

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OMG, I just reached 100K!

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HOLD ON! I’m tweeting!


I’m totally going to die when I meet JR Muñoz!


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Where do I meet Yulema?!


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Will Jay, Oscar, JR and The Natural show up together?

I just got a selfie with my favorite viner.


Credit: whatifiloveit / Tumblr 

I just got a ton of new follows!


What’s the official hashtag?

Credit: gurl / Tumblr

Ugh, s/he hasn’t followed me!


Will you stand in line with me, pleeeeease?


Credit: wastedlikeamemory / Tumblr


Credit: @dmbosstone / Twitter

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Just had a total fangirl moment.


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Here, let me check out your channel…

Credit: hoodlumbhd / Tumblr

Are you VIP?


Credit: @sydneystar14 / Instagram

 Who has freebies?

Credit: @natpandabear / Twitter

What did YOU hear at VidCon? Mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.