Marco Rubio Is Still Backing Trump, So He Got Booed By Latinos

Marco Rubio might have been hoping for a different reaction than the one he got at the Calle Orange Festival in Orlando, Fla. Rather than being revered and admired by Latinos at the event, Rubio was introduced as a “Latino like you and me” and was subsequently booed off the stage.

This is the video of Marco Rubio being relentlessly booed off stage.

Both Rubio and Patrick Murphy, the Florida candidates for the US Senate, attended the event to reach out to the Latino community of Orlando for their support.

When the video hit Twitter most people were not surprised at the reaction.

For the record, Rubio has called Donald Trump’s comments on sexual assault “vulgar” and “impossible to justify.” However, he has not withdrawn his endorsement of the same man he thinks is “vulgar.”

Some Rubio supporters challenged the account of Rubio being booed.

So @lachicamayra posted her own video of Murphy’s reception by he same crowd that booed Rubio.

Seems like the crowd was definitely more into Murphy than they were Rubio.

People are just so savage dragging Rubio all over Twitter.


Like, literally, people had no chill as they found joy in the utter (alleged) rejection of Rubio by the Latino crowd.

Rubio’s camp IRL after the Calle Orange Festival:

Friday / New Line Cinema / BigMurph26 / Reddit

Time to find a way to spin the video.

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