Aww, Manu Ginobili’s Bald Spot is All Grown Up Now

Have you ever watched Manu Ginobili during a Spurs game and had the urge to do this?

Early in his career, Emmanuel “Manu” Ginobili was a clean cut kid from Argentina.

Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty

Eventually, he grew his hair out. It was all over the place, much like his style of play.

Credit: Brian Bahr / Getty

But when he cut it short in 2007, it was clear he was hiding something: a baby bald spot.

Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty

The baby bald spot just wanted to shine…

Credit: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty

But Manu would hide it with hats…

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

And his teammate, Tim Duncan, covered it up whenever he had a chance.

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

But no matter what happened, the baby bald spot continued to grow…

Credit: Ronald Martinez

It grew stronger and stronger…

Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty

And by 2010, it became a boisterous teenage bald spot.

Credit: Christian Petersen / Getty

It was slowly finding strength. When others tried to cover it up, it persevered and found a way into the light.

Credit: Andy Lyons / Getty

Soon, Ginobili’s bald spot was STRONG.

Credit: Steve Dykes / Getty

Even his teammates couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

Credit: Harry How / Getty

And eventually, Ginobili became a PROUD bald spot dad. Here, Tim Duncan tries to cover it up once again…

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

But Ginobili is having NONE of it. “Leave my bald spot alone, Timmy!”

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

From then on, Ginobili and his bald spot went through tough times…

Credit: Steve Dykes / Getty

And good times…

And they even won over the bald spot’s biggest hater, Tim Duncan.

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

Ginobili’s teammates were inspired by the way he and his bald spot carried themselves.

Credit: Chris Covatta / Getty

And now in 2015, Ginobili’s bald spot is all grown up and IMPOSSIBLE to miss.

Credit: Chris Covatta / Getty

How time flies. Thank you, Manu. Thank you and your bald spot for taking us on this journey.

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