Man Harasses Latinos for Papers in a Restaurant, Peoples Reactions Captured on Video


Credit: ABC / mrduckbears24 / YouTube

Racial Profiling Won’t be Tolerated

Immigration seems to be a hot-button topic making headline news every day…and the screams heard loudest are of those who support the Palins and Trumps of the world. So you can’t help but wonder, does everyone feel this way?

The video above gives you 15 minutes of hope, happiness and reprieve… and makes for a pretty awesome, feel-good break in the day. A random security guard harasses patrons at a popular restaurant in Tucson, Arizona and pressures them to show proof of papers because they look Latino. The guard, who does not work for the restaurant, isn’t able to ask more than once before other patrons run to the rescue to protect a fellow human being.

WATCH: This Video Shows the Humiliating Treatment of Mexican Customers and Others’ Reactions

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