After 22 Years, This Mexican Immigrant Dad Finally Saw His Parents

Recently, a video on Twitter, which shows two older men being reunited with their parents after 22 years, went viral. mitú reached out to @Edgar_92Till (Edgar Llamas) and asked him about the video and the events that led up to this super emotional reunion.

This is the Twitter video of a long overdue reunion that is melting hearts all over the Twitter-verse.

“My dad left for the American dream, to give me and my mom a better life and left his parents in Guanajuato, Mexico,” Edgar Llamas told mitú. His father is the man in the green shirt. “He moved out here to Oregon and hadn’t seen them since.”

The whole thing was a surprise for his father, who hadn’t seen his parents since he left Mexico 22 years ago.

Credit: @Edgar_92Till / Twitter

“My grandparents applied for a visa and got approved,” Llamas told mitú. “So my mom went ahead and bought them their ticket. It was all a surprise.”

And, from the looks of it, the surprise totally worked.

Credit: @Edgar_92Till / Twitter

“I was going to get married the next day so we told my dad we were gonna have a dinner before the wedding, not knowing my grandparents would be attending,” Llamas told mitú about the surprise. “It was important cause he [Llamas’ dad] was waiting to fix his residency to able to visit them in Mexico, but they did him the favor. He would only call home but never got the chance to go back to his native land.”

Llamas told mitú that his father has submitted his application to sort out his residency but the process is taking a really long time.

Credit: @Edgar_92Till / Twitter

The process of getting his residency has taken so long that the surprise reunion was all the more special.

“It was an emotional moment for everyone there,” Llamas told mitú. “My dad deserves it.”

Credit: The Oprah Winfrey Show / CBS / c–squared / Tumblr

Well done, Edgar. *wipes away tears of joy*

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