He Can’t Run But He’s Finishing the Boston Marathon

Meet Maickel Melamed:

He suffers from hyptonia.

Melamed has difficulty walking, but he’s already completed four marathons.

Adelante no es un camino, ni una dirección. Adelante es una actitud. #FelizDía A photo posted by Maickel Melamed (@maickelmelamed) on

He’s currently taking on the Boston Marathon.

That’s Melamed on the course with fans cheering him on.

Melamed is in Boston representing Proyecto Vamos.

Con estas preciosas miradas me voy a dormir soñando con un mañana para ellos y el esfuerzo de dar el alma en cada paso para que bellezas como ellos tengan un mundo más humano y de acuerdo a lo grandioso de su ser. Ellos luchan por vivir y nosotros porque en su vida todo sea posible. Ellos nuestra causa y sentido. Mañana será un día cargado de sentimientos, mi último entrenamiento en Venezuela después de 6 años de esfuerzos. Un honor que me hayan permitido ser parte de un grupo de gente maravillosa llamados corredores #Gracias … Para “El Guerrero”, la batalla es interna, la competencia es consigo y su propósito, y el triunfo es una elección. Agradecer, respirar, meditar y visualizar … Amar todo por encima de todo!!! #LosQuieroMucho #Bendiciones #SomosEquipo A photo posted by Maickel Melamed (@maickelmelamed) on

He’s become an inspirational figure in his native Venezuela …

He won’t stop until he’s done.

It took him 16 hours to finish the Chicago marathon, but that didn’t stop Melamed.

Inspired yet?

Melamed told the Daily Mail: “If you dream it, make it happen. Your life is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. So, make the best of it.”

These Latinas’ Graduation Caps Prove That The Future Is Definitely Female And So Empowering


These Latinas’ Graduation Caps Prove That The Future Is Definitely Female And So Empowering

There’s no question: from the moment we’re born, our parents dream of the day we walk across the stage with a diploma of any variety. Education is everything, and this graduation season, we’re loving all the creative grad cap decorations that Latinas are designing to express themselves.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

@smileforsandy_ / Instagram

“First generation graduate making her parents extremely proud.” We can all agree that she is definitely making her parents proud. Just look at the smiles on their faces. Those are the biggest smiles you’ll see on a Latino parent’s face.

We’re excited to see you walk, too, mija.

@your_favorite_amy / Instagram

The whole community is feeling #proudmom vibes as we see Latinos beat the odds and earn their bachelor degrees. Even more challenging and gratifying is seeing Latinas become educated AF.

Daughters of immigrants are penning emotional thank you letters to their parents.

@steffmace / Instagram

“Mami y papi ???? thank you for your patience and encouragement. As the first in my family to attain a bachelors degree it’s been the most frustrating and rewarding process. I spent so many nights crying over the piles of bills and exam grades I made. My experience is different than most and I am proud to say I have grown through it all. Gracias por mis alas ???????? “

Because it’s no secret that Latino parents have to sacrifice triple to get their kids an equal education to white America.

@gianellaghiglino / Instagram

“And I’m officially done ✊???? thank you to everyone for all the nice comments and most importantly thank you to my parents for making the biggest sacrifice of leaving everything they know for me. Without even knowing the language they managed to create a whole life here. I hope I made I made you proud ????”

Their kids are taking their moment on the stage to broadcast an important message about immigration.

@_serrot__ / Instagram

It’s all for this one moment that many other parents and grads might take for granted. The grad cap has become a signature move for grads to raise awareness for the immigrant struggle.

This graduate shared how her family had to separate to give her the opportunity for a better life.

@smfitx / Instagram

“Who are these people: ❤️
Due to life circumstances and the love my parents had for my brother and I, they had to make difficult decisions. My brother and I were left under the care of these loving people when mom left. My grandparents (center photo) and my uncle. They raised us to practice the most important things about humanity: kindness, love, giving to others in need, service, an attitude of gratitude, spirituality, and much more.”

First generation graduates are walking in style.

@mariarojanohair / Instagram

“For my parents and grandparents! If it wasn’t for them- none of this would have been possible! Gracias… Si Se Pudo!!!! Los Amo!!!! ❤️ ???? ???????? ???????? ????????‍???? ???? So much sacrifice for this very moment! I am proud to say that I am a first generation college graduate!!! Gracias!!!”

Undocugrads are making an even bigger statement by going public with their momentous accomplishment.

@leslietahh / Instagram

“I’m annoying I know but got more pics because ITS TODAY!! thankful for Meredith and the family I have created because of it. It’s been a long and crazy journey but I leave college a better person. I have been so blessed with a community filled with love and support who believed in me even when I couldn’t. This is because of them, and for them.”

The hard work for students is worth it to make their parents proud.

@genesisgoes24 / Instagram

It’s no secret that education is everything to Latino parents. It’s been statistically proven that among demographics, Latinos value education more than almost any other ethnicity.

We know it wouldn’t be possible without our parents and their sacrifices.

@cynthia_g93 / Instagram

Including that little Pomeranian dog who seems to be at the top of that collage pyramid. ????

Even las madres have been sharing their emotional journey to get their kids to the stage.

@natone1 / Instagram

“I hand painted these caps personally for my children. I had my two babies at a very young age. But I fought against the statistics of being a young Latino mom and not only graduated from high school but graduated from college as well. My son graduated in 2017 & on Thursday my baby girl graduates. This was a long tough road for the 3 of us but it’s not over. I can’t wait to attend Lizzy’s college tour in June and send her off in to the world as I did her brother.”

This Latina gave tribute to her parents alongside Selena, AOC and other feminists.

@aysiaarias / Instagram

“Glad I got to spend Mother’s Day with my heroes!! Better yet, I was blessed enough to have them with me while I walked on stage at graduation… a day I often thought was impossible. Me puse las pilas y con tu ayuda, este sueño se hizo posible ????????????????”

While others are owning up to all facets of their chingonidad.

@ispeakashley_ / Instagram

“???????????????????????????????? pero ℭ????????????????????????????! Por mi mami y papi!” Way to go, mija! We are all so proud of you!

We love this lotería inspired cap!

@jjacquelinecampos / Instagram

You’re winning. You’re really winning, @jjacquelinecampos. Look at our babies grow!

The Mexicana pride is everything we need right now.

@cinthya.vqz / Instagram

“Vuela alto sin olvidar de donde vienes// Fly high without forgetting where you came from ✊???????? Gracias a mis padres ????. Graduation is 1 week away!”

This grad’s mom hates her grad cap. ????

@marialexiia / Instagram

“Graduation day is almost here! It’s starting to hit me that I’m not going to be seeing the same people again like I’m used to. I’m starting to hit “the last of” things like meetings and study sessions. Idk my emotions are every where right now. Also my mom hates my grad cap. Oh well. ????????‍???? “

Some Latinas are making a full-fledged business out of designing grad caps for the Latinx community.

@sushiq80 / Instagram

We’re here for any Latina starting their own business, especially when it’s directly lifting up other Latinas. Check out @sushiq80 for some of her designs.

@facepaintbymangandii is creating beautiful caps for this year’s grads.

@facepaintbymangandii / Instagram

So if you’re not the creative type but there’s no way you’re walking across that stage without sending a message to the haters, your familia or the pedestrian xenophobe, you have options.

Al fin, graduation day is for all the Latino parents out there who made el sueño la realidad

@sanddragonn / Instagram

“Para mis padres, llegaron sin nada y me dieron todo.”???????????? “For my parents, they arrived with nothing and gave me everything.”

Felicidades to all the grads.

@jicamami / Instagram

Future Biology Teacher ???????????? I’ll be teaching your children ????????‍???? 

The time has come for y’all to take over the world.

@glo_rosario / Instagram

Whether you’re trying to become the first Latina CEO at a company and give access to other Latinas, or become a teacher and show young Latinas an exemplary example for their future, we support you. Go get that happiness your whole family has worked so hard for.

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Cardi B Is Here With All Of The Inspiring Quotes You Need To Make It Through Your Toughest Days


Cardi B Is Here With All Of The Inspiring Quotes You Need To Make It Through Your Toughest Days

We all know Cardi B for her unique catchphrases and for being a mogul in music and fashion with her new line for Fashion Nova. She also spits out some money moves quotes. ???? ????Here are some to pick you up if you ever need it.

1. “I’m an emotional gangster, I cry once a month.”

That’s right. She is open about being emotional because emotions are a part of the human experience.

2. “I’m more than what a lot of people think that I am—or will be.”

In this interview, Cardi B opens up about how being broke and being rich aren’t that much different. She still struggles sometimes with peer pressure, worrying about providing for her family and understands why being a celebrity isn’t always what it’s hyped up to be. Always be careful what you wish for, unless you are ready for all of the consequences.

3. “We might as well be true with ourselves.”

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@peopleenespanol X @dolcegabbana

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There is nothing more inspiring than being unapologetically you. It is better for your overall well being instead of holding things in and trying to be what others want you to be.

4. “Why don’t you take a stand? Why don’t you go march in your league? Do something to change the world. Why don’t you got to a park and clean it?”

This is Cardi B at her most hyped. Right when she’s inspiring you to go perform a random act of kindness *record scratch* she notices she is only wearing one fake eyelash. ???? ????All kidding aside, Cardi B is right. Sometimes you have to take charge and make the change that you are looking for.

5. “I’d rather have money and be broken-hearted than broke and broken-hearted.”

Instead of being sad and distracted at work over that dummie on your dating app, focus on looking for ways to get a side hustle instead of being a side chick. Take it from Cardi B, money helps you treat yo’self whenever you have a broken heart.

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Did these quotes inspire you? Let us know in the comments!