Los Quince De Rubí Got A Simpsons Makeover And It’s Glorious

Los XV de Ruby – Los Simpsons¡¡ESTE ES EL ORIGINAL!!
Ayúdenme compartiendo este video en su Facebook, ya que muchas páginas están haciendo pasar como suya esta animación cuando realmente la hice yo!

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Posted by Alex Batako Toons on Sunday, December 11, 2016

Just when you thought Los XV De Rubí couldn’t get any better, an artist did this.

Mexican artist and animator, Alex Batako, has gifted the Internet with something better than Los XV De Rubí. Okay, tbh, it is completely based off of Los XV De Rubí. But it isn’t just about Rubí. Batako was able to blend in some other of the Internet’s most iconic Mexicans from the year: Paco, the empanada salesman from Acapulco and #LadyWuuu (Menudo’s biggest fan). Since he published the video, it’s been shared more than 700 times on Facebook and has been picked up by several media organizations. This is exactly what the Internet was made for.

Alex Batako gave the now infamous XV De Rubí video a new and comical twist.

Alex Batako Toons / Facebook

And the Internet is loving it and him.

“Congratulations. You are in a lot of Internet news and now on the TV! So many people have seen it now you know what you can achieve!”

Way to go, Alex!

Alex Batako Toons / Facebook

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