From Kings of Leon to Gwen Stefani, these Guys Give Your Fave Songs an Awesome Makeover

Meet El Comanche and Larry Mon of Los Master Plus.

Credit: Los Master Plus / Facebook

They’re a Guadalajara-based duo that has racked up millions of views on YouTube with their kitschy, fun, electro-cumbia covers. How do they do it?

They take popular songs like this…

Credit: kingsofleonVEVO / YouTube

Add some sonidero cumbia flavor…

Credit: ritual48 / YouTube

For the uninitiated: sonidero is a style of cumbia that is popular in Mexico.

And it becomes this:

Credit: Los Master Plus / YouTube

How many Spanish-language versions of Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon have you heard? In 2011, Los Master Plus dropped this gem, raising plenty of eyebrows and moving plenty of hips.

Their outfits are also on ???.

Hold up, heeeeeeeey – they’ve made Dr. Dre’s “The Last Episode” in a song your whole family can dance to.

Credit: Los Master Plus / YouTube

The only thing missing in this video is Dr. Dre making a cameo.  All the other covers can bite the dust, porque ya la aburristes aguacate.

Somehow, they’ve resurrected Lambada.

Credit: Noisey / YouTube

When “Lambada” would come on at family parties, people would jump up hit the dance floor. These days, it’ll probably get eyerolls – unless you play the cumbia-fied Los Master Plus version, “Fiestiña.” Now, when those familiar synth notes hit, you’ll NEED to dance.

They also believe partying is serious business.

Seriously, they worship San Agusdrink.

They’ve even tackled No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”

Credit: Los Master Plus / YouTube

There’s no doubt No Doubt fans will have a soft spot in their hearts for “Mami.” But maybe a bit of autotune would helped these guys hit some of Gwen Stefani’s high notes…

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I mean, could you ever see yourself dancing to a depressing Radiohead song? 

Credit: Jesus Urbina / YouTube

Now you can. Honestly wondering how Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood would feel about this cover.

Their video for “Suave Leve” was so epic, they needed a movie poster for it.

Even their songs that aren’t covers are still fire:

Credit: Los Master Plus / YouTube­

You’ve seen the poster. Here’s the video. WAIT, was that Steve Aoki in the video?!

And they’ve expanded beyond cumbia.

Credit: Los Master Plus / YouTube

On their latest album, Adelante, there’s isn’t just cumbia. There’s also bachata on “Vengache Pa’ca.” The electro-funk of “Vas a Querer” is reminiscent of another pack of Mexican goofballs: Molotov.

Don’t worry, though, Los Master Plus are still playing plenty of “cumbiatron.” Because the party never stops.

Which cumbia-fied cover is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. 

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