This Los Angeles Clothing Store Claims It’s Got El Chapo Shirts

Wondering where Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán bought those snazzy blue shirts he’s been wearing recently?

Wonder no more. The owners of Barabas, a clothing store in Los Angeles, claim they’re the source of El Chapo’s shirts.

Good deeds? They’ve got to be worried about their association with a vicious drug lord, right? NOPE. They’re loving the publicity. Here’s a screenshot of their website.

They’re even giving away a free “El Chapo shirt” on their Facebook.

Credit: Barabas / Facebook

Skeptical? According to their Yelp, they’ve also outfitted narcocorrido singer El Komander…

Credit: Barabas / Yelp

And the squeaky clean Marco Antonio Solis, aka El Buki.


Credit: Barabas / Yelp

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In case their site crashes – it already has – they’re also selling their “El Chapo Most Wanted” shirt on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon.com

And it’s yours for only $128!

And if you paid $128 for a shirt, you probably wouldn’t want to get it dirty. Which explains why El Chapo was busted wearing this:

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