In Response To Trump, Los Angeles Has Decriminalized Street Vending

Image Credit: waltarrrrr / Flickr

Fruteras, paleteros and other street vendors in Los Angeles have a reason to celebrate. The Los Angeles City Council recently voted to decriminalize street vending in the city, reports ABC 7 News Los Angeles. The ordinance, which was approved by an 11-2 margin, will set in motion a process that will allow street vendors to get permits and be subjected to city regulations. According to the Los Angeles Times, street vendors previously faced misdemeanor charges for selling food and other items on sidewalks.

The ordinance was proposed by council members Curren Price, Joe Buscaino, and José Huizar.

“We cannot continue to allow an unregulated system that penalizes hard-working, mostly immigrant, vendors with possible criminal misdemeanor charges, particularly in the current political environment. These people are not asking for a handout, they are asking for an opportunity to lift themselves up and provide for their families,” said Huizar in a written statement.

According to the Los Angeles Times, some street vendors currently facing criminal charges may have a chance at “amnesty” and have their charges dropped.

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