LOL Wut?! This Lady Is Selling $4 Tacos To New Yorkers

Whether it’s a fat Philly cheesesteak or a Detroit-style hot dog, local food is always one of the things people miss most when they leave their hometown. Former Austinite Liz Solomon missed her beloved breakfast tacos so much that she quit her 10-year advertising career to bring the Texas staple to New York City, in the form of King David Tacos. And she’s doing it in most New York way possible: by charging $4 per taco.

Is this a $4 breakfast taco?

Credit: King David Tacos / Instagram

If you’re wondering what’s in these tacos that make them so expensive, the answer is authenticity. And by that, I mean beans, cheese, bacon, potatoes and eggs. That’s literally it. To Liz’s credit, she’s gone the extra mile and imported her tortillas from Texas. But ANYONE from the Lone Star State would citizen’s arrest the owner of an establishment that tried to sell basic breakfast tacos for that price. Why? Because it’s beans, cheese, bacon, potatoes and eggs.

Austin-style breakfast tacos are simple AF and cheap, which is what makes them enjoyable.


 Let’s be honest, authenticity is not that big of a deal for New Yorkers.