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He’s Not A Firefighter, But This Latino Saved 18 Lives From A Burning Building

Police Officer, Boston, Saves Lives
Credit: My Fox Boston

A local police officer in Boston rescued not one, not two, but 18 people out of a burning building. But he doesn’t want to be called a hero.

Officer Luis Lopez was the first to arrive at the townhouse that caught fire in the middle of the night. He rushed to save 18 people, including four children.

“You could see the flames and it didn’t look good. As soon as I exited my cruiser, people started pointing to the building and yelling that there were still people inside,” Lopez told MyFoxBoston. “I immediately entered the building and started knocking on doors, kicking doors in and ordering people to evacuate the building.”

Although his acts were heroic, Lopez remains humble.

“While I appreciate the compliment. I’m not a hero. I’m a police officer. This is what we do. This is what we signed up for, and I’m grateful I was able to make a difference today,” he said. “I’m just happy everybody got out alive. One guy was sound asleep when I kicked in his door. I know I startled him but I’m just glad we got him out.”

If he doesn’t want to be called a hero, we’ll call him an angel.

Read more about this Latino hero here

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Cardi B Will Show Off Her Butt And Thighs Whenever She Likes, Thanks And Bye


Cardi B Will Show Off Her Butt And Thighs Whenever She Likes, Thanks And Bye

Cardi B — rapper, living meme, never cold — brings joy wherever she is, but mostly on her Instagram page, where she routinely posts videos sharing her thoughts with the world. Recently, Cardi posted a video of herself in a bikini, dancing happily while on a trip to Hawaii:

Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

And, because the world is a dumpster fire where only the truly petty survive, her video drew comments from people calling out her cellulite.

Did it bother Cardi? Maybe, sure. She’s human. But did it make her stop posting bikini videos? Did it make her ashamed of herself? Hell no.

Cardi responded by posting another image in her bikini, followed by a video telling haters that she and plenty of other people like her body just how it is, dimples and all. The caption? “Don’t come for my fat.”

(Colorful and sexually explicit language ahead, so do not watch if you’re a small child or cannot appreciate a woman cursing while wearing a cute hat.)

Credit: Instagram / iamcardib

“I’ll work out in… next week or something.” Same, bb. Same.

But truly, cellulite happens. You can be thick, thin, young, old, in shape or a couch potato with Hot Cheeto dust in her hair (*raises hand*), and the only thing that changes is the degree to which it is visible. Cellulite is simply the way fat forms under some people’s skin. So relax. Wear what you want. Exercise if it makes you feel happy and healthy. And let anyone who hates it know they can refer to Cardi B for some advice on how to deal.

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Have randos ever tried to make you feel bad about your body? How’d you deal with it?

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