Listening To This Story Of A Mexican Immigrant Dad Securing His Son’s Future Will Make You Ugly Cry With Joy

Credit: NPR / StoryCorps

“Your mom and I will do whatever needs to be done.”

In 1942, 6-year-old Francisco Preciado’s family moved from Mexico to the U.S. because of the Bracero program. Preciado grew up wanting to be a teacher, but financial obligations forced him to drop out of college. He ended up being a groundskeeper at Stanford University. But having to give up on his dream forced Preciado to make sure that the same thing didn’t happen to his son, Frankie. Many years later, Frankie ended up graduating from Stanford, the very same school whose lawns were manicured by his father. Unsurprisingly, his dad was a huge reason why.

The Preciados’ beautiful story was recorded by StoryCorps. You can listen to the whole thing above. We dare you to listen and not cry.

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