Listen To The Song That’s Getting This Latino Rapper Comparisons To Future And Young Thug

“I just smoked a blunt with your girlfriend.”

Atlanta rapper Kap-G, a young Mexican-American with a Southern twang, dropped a single titled “Girlfriend” that’ll probably get stuck in your head for a bit. It’s basically three minutes of Kap-G bragging about hanging out with some other dude’s girlfriend. Because, you know, you’ve got to assert your dominance over other dudes somehow, and their girlfriend is apparently a good start. The song, driven by a haunting beat that could easily be a B-side from Bjork’s “Vespertine,” — google her, pls — features references to McDonald’s McFlurries, Steph Curry and Bill Murray. Why? Because they rhyme, duh.

Anyway, “Girlfriend” is one of those songs that just sounds good, and judging by the comments on the video, lots of people approve of Kap-G’s Future-meets-Young Thug style.

Credit: Kap-G / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Kap-G / YouTube

Check it out and judge for yourself.

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This Is What A Selena Classic Looks Like When You Remix It With a Rapper And Two Singers


This Is What A Selena Classic Looks Like When You Remix It With a Rapper And Two Singers

Genius / BeckyGVEVO / Youtube / therealkapg / Instagram
Credit: PlayNSkillzMusic / Youtube

After the original music video for Play-N-Skillz “Si Una Vez” released that was sleek, professionally shot and got millions of views on Youtube, a new lyric video popped up this week that is a lot more laid back, and features Becky G and Kap G. Word up, my G. There’s something dope about seeing these artists looking chill and enjoying themselves, intercut with their fans dancing and singing, too.

Becky G took part in the remix of Play-N-Skillz “Si Una Vez” supplying her own selfie-vid for the lyric video.

She killed it!

This Spanglish version of the song released back in February shortly after the original version with Winsin and Leslie Grace, but it didn’t seem like there were plans originally to release a full video. The video comes as a pleasant surprise, with everyone looking like they’re kicking it at home and recording bits and pieces on their phones. The fans really do make the video special as they’re dancing and singing their hearts out. This Spanglish version of “Si Una Vez” is a remix, and a bit of a tribute, to Selena’s original song by the same name.

Folks on Twitter were making sure to remind us all that Selena was the OG behind this song.

Serious fans were suspicious about letting Selena’s name be tarnished.

Other’s thought only parts of it were good.

Selena’s fans are very protective of her legacy.

Some fans sent in clips for the lyric video and weren’t notified that they were put in the final cut. They were freaking out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.43.07 PM

What did you think about the different versions of the song?

Check out the original song and music video by Play-N-Skillz ft. Winsin and Leslie Grace here.

[H/T] Watch Becky G, Kap G & More Sing Along With Fans in ‘Si Una Vez’ Lyric Video

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This Mexican-American Rapper Is Changing The Hip Hop Game


This Mexican-American Rapper Is Changing The Hip Hop Game

This Mexican-American rapper is changing the hip hop game.

Posted by We are mitú on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kap G talks about his dream and biggest inspiration.

From the beginning, Kap G’s music career has not been an easy route at all. But he’s just getting started and is now working harder than ever to fulfill his dreams. Check out this video to see what Kap G has to say to others that are struggling in the pursuit of their dreams.

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