These Young Mexican-Americans Just Wrote A Corrido For Bernie Sanders

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El Quemazón is a Thing

Pancho VillaGregorio Cortez. 9/11. El Chapo’s tunnel escape. These are just a few individuals and events whose stories have been commemorated in a corrido. Now, thanks to Grupo La Meta, a Mexican-American group from Modesto, Calif., you can add Bernie Sanders to that list.

In true corrido fashion, the nearly three minute-long song starts by telling Sanders’s origin, referencing his upbringing in Brooklyn, and finishes off with a greater message. In this case, that message is that Sanders, according to the songwriters, is good for the Latino community.

Juve Quintana, the 26-year-old author of the song, told Buzzfeed News that he was largely inspired by the seemingly lack of recognition the Vermont Senator has with the larger Latino community.

“I thought what can I do so the Hispanics, the paisanos, the Mexicans vote for him?,” Quintana said. “Everyone I speak to says ‘I’m going to vote for Hillary’ and I say ‘Have you heard of Bernie Sanders?” And they say ‘No, I don’t even know who that is.’”

This, of course, isn’t the first time that young Latinos have hinted at the fact that older Latinos don’t know about Sanders. Earlier this month we wrote about a group of young activists spreading the Bern to their elders in Illinois.

In the aforementioned Buzzfeed interview, Quintana said he would love to perform at a Bernie Sanders rally in California, something the Sanders camp said they’d be open to. This wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, despite the data that suggests young Latinos are feeling the Bern, he’s lost most states that have a sizable Latino population. Sanders has lost most states At this point, he needs all the help he can get, especially in California, where he’s got about a 14 percent chance of winning that primary.

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This White Guy Slayed At El Zapateado Y Bachata During His Wedding Dance And… It. Was. Epic


This White Guy Slayed At El Zapateado Y Bachata During His Wedding Dance And… It. Was. Epic

Credit: Ayala Robles / Facebook

When you’re Latina, your taste in music is all over the place. So how do you decide between one genre of music or even one language for your wedding song? This Latina didn’t. She and her new hubby got down to so many different types of music… And it was uh-may-zing.

They started with the cliché slow dance…

Ed Sheeran GIF
Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

We love Ed Sheeran, but like…

Credit: fiercegifs / Tumblr

How original.

And then… THIS happened.

Stand By Me
Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

Bachata, what?! Even most Latinos can’t dance that.

If you hadn’t already noticed, her husband is a white guy. That didn’t stop him from also bailando con la cintura sola à la “Danza Kuduro.”

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

White boy has moooves. He even backs it up on his wife when dancing to “Danza Kuduro.” They continue with the medley dancing to literally all genres and they even take it back with some old school cumbia with “Sopa de Caracól.” Seriously, the best!

Personal favorite: When he busts out the hat for a zapateado. Whuuuuuut??

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

He gets down and doesn’t look like he’s killing roaches either.

This wedding dance is what wedding dreams are made of. Watch the entire video below:

Who said white boys couldn’t dance??….He married a Latina and learned how to dance for their wedding…congrats to both and big props to him!

Posted by Ayana Robles on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

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