Lin-Manuel Miranda And Immortal Techinque Have Squashed Their High School Beef

During a recent appearance on the popular podcast “WTF” with Marc Maron, Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that rapper Immortal Technique used to bully him in high school. Miranda and Immortal Technique (real name: Felipe Coronel) attended Hunter College High School in New York’s Upper East Side, where the “Hamilton” creator realized he wanted to dedicate his life to musical theater.

Of Coronel, Miranda said, “He terrorized kids, he threw them in the garbage. I got thrown in the garbage by him.” But Miranda wasn’t just firing shots at his old classmate — he made it clear that Coronel became a much different person after high school. “He was a really angry kid and it’s been wonderful to watch him grow up and find a political outlet for that anger,” said Miranda to “WTF” host Marc Maron.

Unfortunately, some took this as Miranda having beef with Immortal Technique. Miranda took to Twitter to clarify that they’re good:

Immortal Technique thanked Miranda for clearing things up…

And asked followers to learn from the mistakes he made as a teen bully.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who also went to high school with Miranda and Immortal Technique, confirmed that Miranda’s story was completely true. During an interview on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero,” Hayes explained the dynamic between himself, Miranda and Immortal Technique. Hayes also took a moment to let all his haters know that he wasn’t a total nerd in high school. Desus, who went to middle school with Hayes, confirmed that Hayes was indeed cool.

Listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “WTF” interview here.

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