Lil Jon, Becky G And Yandel Collaborated On A Track And It’s Gonna Make You Move

Credit: Electro Area / YouTube

“Ya le dije al DJ que me sebe la music.”

Two years ago, Lil Jon and DJ Snake had a super-mega hit with “Turn Down For What,” an EDM banger that feels like the musical equivalent of chugging 37 Monster energy drinks (and the ensuing 48 hours of no sleep). The song, which has more than half a billion views on YouTube, made the phrase “turn down for what” mainstream, which means it was featured in what felt like thousands of movies and commercials. Everyone, including people like high school teachers and soccer moms, started using it — a signal that the phrase was on the inevitable path to an uncool death.

Well, Lil Jon is back with “Take It Off” another high-energy track destined for the club. This time, he’s brought Latino standouts Becky G and Yandel into the fold, and tbh, it kinda sounds like it should be called “Turn Down For What, Part II.” Becky G and Yandel’s spanglish vocals slither over thumping bass and rapid-fire synth stabs while Lil Jon punctuates their verses with his signature yell-at-you-until-you-get-the-f-up shout. If you want something that makes you move, “Take It Off” does the trick. Although some of the awkward Spanglish lines, like “Ya le dije al DJ que me sube la music,” will make you go ???.

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