Have You Ever Wondered Why Romeo Santos Always Poses The Same Way in Photos? Here’s Why

This is Latino pop star Romeo Santos, the former lead singer of the bachata group Aventura.

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

Yes, he’s a got a silky smooth voice that can melt hearts within seconds, but that’s far from his greatest asset.

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

That distinction belongs to the HUGE DIMPLE on his left cheek.

Credit: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

Look at that thing. That dimple is DEEP.

Credit: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

It’s bigger than the red arrow!

How deep is it? Have you wondered where the rest of Aventura have been all these years?

Credit: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

That’s right, he’s got them hidden in his dimple!

Credit: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

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And Romeo is proud of his dimple. Oh, is he proud. That’s why he usually poses with his left cheek facing the camera.

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

You haven’t noticed? Here’s another one…

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

Another one…

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

Another one…

Credit: RomeoSantosVEVO / YouTube


Credit: Rodrigo Varela / Getty

Even if it’s a music video or live performance, expect that dimple to make several appearances.

Credit: Slaven Vlasic / Getty

Here he is having a “dimple off” with model Irina Shayk in the video for “Eres Mia.”

Does he ever show off his right cheek? Yes, but there’s nothing but a sad, wannabe dimple on that side.

Credit: John Parra / Getty

Which is probably why Romeo looks uneasy when he has to pose this way:

Credit: Romeo Santos / Facebook

That’s the smile of a pop star who knows his best side isn’t being shown.

And why wouldn’t he be proud of it? It’s a work of art. One day, it’ll be displayed in its rightful place:

Credit: EHildrew / Wikmedia

So, cheers to you, Romeo Santos, for blessing us with that unforgettable dimple:

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Karol G’s ‘KG0516’ Album Has Landed: Our 5 Favorite Songs


Karol G’s ‘KG0516’ Album Has Landed: Our 5 Favorite Songs

Karol G is taking her fans for a ride on her new album KG0516. The Colombian reggaetonera flexes her range as an artist with 16 eclectic tracks. This is a world-class flight with global superstars who feature on the album like Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Ozuna, and J Balvin.

The album’s title actually means a lot to Karol’s music career.

KG0516 is Karol G’s third album. The title follows the style of an airplane flight number, but the meaning is more deeper than that. On May 16, 2006, she signed her first record deal and 0516 represents that date.

Karol G kicked off the sessions for the album in late 2019 with the smash hit “Tusa” featuring Minaj. Last year, she followed with more global smashes, “Ay Dios Mio!” and “Bichota.” Into this year, she took reggaeton on a country music detour with “Location” featuring J Balvin and Anuel AA.

Now that you’re already familiar with those songs, let’s get into the new ones. Latido Music is here to break down five of our favorite songs on KG0516, so sit back, relax, and enjoy Karol G’s flight.

“El Barco”

The day before KG0516 was released, Karol G performed “El Barco” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The nautical sequel to “Ocean,” her love letter to Anuel, appears to give weight to the reports that she split with Puerto Rican rapper. Karol sings about the rough waters of a breakup that she’s navigating alone. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking bachatón bop. Aventura’s Lenny Santos played the guitar during her performance.

“Contigo Voy a Muerte” with Camilo

Karol G teams up with breakout pop star and fellow Colombiano Camilo in “Contigo Voy a Muerte.” They have a history as Camilo previously wrote on her songs “Mi Mala” with Mau y Ricky and “Hijoepu*#” with Gloria Trevi. He goes full reggaeton (and it’s not cringe like “Ropa Cara”) with Karol. The two trade heartfelt verses about loving each other to death.

“Beautiful Boy” with Ludacris and Emilee

Karol G tackles pop with her own spin on Sean Kingston’s 2007 hit “Beautiful Girl.” She enlists indie singer Emilee, who is famous for her cover of “I Love You Baby” that went viral on TikTok, and hip-hop icon Ludacris for “Beautiful Boy.” Karol sings in Spanglish about a guy that’s got her completely enamored. Her affection for him just rolls off her lips.

“Gato Malo” with Nathy Peluso

Karol G goes alternative with help of Argentine singer Nathy Peluso, who went viral thanks to an eccentric performance of “Sana Sana.” Whatever breakup might be on Karol G’s mind, she’s over it and ready to move on with this chilling kiss-off track. Peluso brings that baddie energy from “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 36” and helps Karol overcome the heartache. This is one of three all-female collaborations on Karol’s LP, including “Tusa.” Karol also teamed up with rising Latina artist Mariah Angeliq in “El Makinon.”

“Leyendas” with Ivy Queen

We finally have a Karol G and Ivy Queen collaboration! Ivy Queen is one of the pioneers featured in the “Leyendas” medley that also includes Nicky Jam, Boricua duo Wisin y Yandel, Zion, and Alberto Stylee. Karol goes on a musical journey through reggaeton history with her take on the classics like “Quiero Bailar,” “Vengo Acabando,” and “Yo No Soy Tu Marido” alongside the legends themselves.

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Exclusive: Nicky Jam Talks ‘Tom & Jerry’ and Teaming Up With Romeo Santos


Exclusive: Nicky Jam Talks ‘Tom & Jerry’ and Teaming Up With Romeo Santos

Nicky Jam is stepping in 2021 with something for everyone. The Boricua OG will be reaching out to his younger fans as Butch the Cat in Tom & Jerry. The movie was released to HBO Max and theaters on Feb. 26. For his longtime fans, there’s his new single “Fan de Tus Fotos” with Romeo Santos.

Nicky Jam is growing his Hollywood résumé.

“I’m a big fan of Tom & Jerry,” Jam tells Latido Music. “You know you made it when you do something that’s got to do with the kids. Children are everything. That’s the future of our world. That’s going to be iconic and all the kids are going to watch that forever.”

Tom & Jerry is Jam’s latest foray into Hollywood. The movie also stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Ken Jeong, and fellow reggaetonero Ozuna. Last year, Jam appeared in the blockbuster Bad Boys for Life and in 2019, he was able to tell his life story in the Netflix series Nicky Jam: El Ganador.

Don’t worry. Music is still in the mix.

This year Jam expanded his brand with The Rockstar Show, his YouTube talk show where he chats with other Latin music superstars. Recent guests include Maluma, Karol G, and Luis Fonsi. Music is still a part of the picture. His recent tease of his next album is the sexy “Fan de Tus Fotos” with the King of Bachata. In an exclusive interview with Latido Music, Jam talked to us about taking on Hollywood and reteaming with Santos.

What can you tell us about your character in Tom & Jerry?

I’m an alley cat. I’m playing Butch. You know I can relate because I’m an alley cat myself. I’m from the streets. You know what I’m saying? I got that New York accent, so I think it’s a good combination. My favorite color is black, so for some reason, it’s a good combination.

What was the experience like to team up with Romeo Santos again for “Fan de Tus Fotos”?

It was really good because I was really, really looking forward to doing something with Romeo Santos alone because [last time we] did a song with Daddy Yankee [“Bella y Sensual“]. I said, “You know, we need to something alone because it’s part of my bucket list.” I sent him a song first and he was like, [Nicky imitating Romeo’s voice] “Yo, Nicky, I don’t know. I don’t like this song. I think it’s not my style.” And then I sent him another one and he was like, “The song’s a hit, but I don’t see me there.” And then I sent him the third one and he loved the song. We did the video. You know. The rest is history.

What was the experience like to regroup with Daddy Yankee as Los Cangris last year for “Muévelo”?

It’s always good to work with Daddy Yankee. The respect that we have for each other. I reminisce so much when I’m with him. He gives me so many memories of what we did in the past. And to see that we’re still doing it today after 25 years is just amazing.

Are you going to release another album soon?

Yeah! The new album is called Infinity and it’s going to be out at the end of March.

We know you for your music but you expanded your brand more into Hollywood with El Ganador, Bad Boys for Life, and Tom & Jerry. Can you tell us more about taking that direction?

It’s something that I want. My dream is to have a star on Hollywood on the floor on the Walk of Fame, so that’s going to take me there. I’ve already done so much with the music. There are no challenges in the music anymore for me. Acting is where the challenges are at and I’m just focusing on that.

As one of the OG reggaetoneros, what do you think of the reggaeton music scene now?

I’m like a proud father to see where it’s at. To see that I’m one of the architects of this and I knocked on doors for it to be where it’s at today. Every time I see Bad Bunny on Saturday Night Live or I see somebody doing the Super Bowl or anything like that, I’m like, “It was worth it.” We busted our a*ses and today we got the respect that we wanted.

What more can we expect from Nicky Jam in 2021?

I’m still working hard on my show The Rockstar Show. Growing so much on that show. Apart from that, I got a movie called American Sole. Kevin Hart is the executive producer of that movie. It’s about the sneaker game and it’s going to be huge as well.

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