Leo Messi Was Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison… But He’s Not Gonna Serve Hard Time

Close call for Lionel Messi and his father. Charged with tax fraud, the world famous footballer, and his lesser known father, Jorge Messi, were recently sentenced to 21 months in prison. Thanks to Spain’s leniency for terms under two years, the first-time offenders are likely to spend this time on probation. That’s right, the only stripes Messi will wear are the ones of FC Barcelona.

Credit: Nugo Basilaiaa / YouTube

Messi and his father were accused of creating several fake business to hide more than FOUR MILLION EUROS (about $4.4 million) from the taxman. While we’re not condoning the practices these two pursued to save a few bucks, we are curious just how bogus these businesses were. Any business, even a fake one, has to appear legitimate enough for no one to ask questions. With that in mind, we’re pitching a few phony businesses that have just a dash of real advertising to make them appear legit. Take notes, people.

Remember, name recognition is key!

If all else fails, go with what you’re known for!

Dabble in professions other than your own!

Go with what you know!

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