Leo Messi Was Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison… But He’s Not Gonna Serve Hard Time

Close call for Lionel Messi and his father. Charged with tax fraud, the world famous footballer, and his lesser known father, Jorge Messi, were recently sentenced to 21 months in prison. Thanks to Spain’s leniency for terms under two years, the first-time offenders are likely to spend this time on probation. That’s right, the only stripes Messi will wear are the ones of FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi
Credit: Nugo Basilaiaa / YouTube

Messi and his father were accused of creating several fake business to hide more than FOUR MILLION EUROS (about $4.4 million) from the taxman. While we’re not condoning the practices these two pursued to save a few bucks, we are curious just how bogus these businesses were. Any business, even a fake one, has to appear legitimate enough for no one to ask questions. With that in mind, we’re pitching a few phony businesses that have just a dash of real advertising to make them appear legit. Take notes, people.

Remember, name recognition is key!

Messi Situations - Dry Cleaners And Laundering copy

Not only does this have the Messi name recognition, it’s also a delightful play on words. Plus, if you’re actually laundering money, this place will look too obvious. Nothing like hiding in plain sight.

If all else fails, go with what you’re known for!

La Pulgas flea copy

Yes, it’s a gimmick, but a good nickname is worth its weight in bullion. While most flea markets are held in giant community centers or parking lots, this business has all the style and boutique charm that Messi has come to represent over the years. Sweet flea logo, too!

Dabble in professions other than your own!

Messi Divorce Lawyers - Not Certified Yet copy

This storefront is perfect for Messi. While on the surface it looks like a standard law consultant’s office, this is actually where Messi could consult his “Better Call Saul”-style lawyer when he needs to skip town or get a fake I.D. asap!

Go with what you know!

We Only Serve Club Teams copy

While the other fake stores were examples of business ventures to pursue outside of Messi’s profession, this one is right up his pitch. Not only is he well acquainted with club team trophies, but he might actually work in a store like this once his probation is up! Kidding. He’s worth so much money it’s not even funny!

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Listen To Jennifer Lopez, Prince Royce And Selena Gomez Pay Tribute To Victims Of Orlando Shooting


Listen To Jennifer Lopez, Prince Royce And Selena Gomez Pay Tribute To Victims Of Orlando Shooting

Credit: Interscope Records / YouTube

“A million hands can build a wall, a million hands can bring it down.”

Two dozen of the biggest names in music — including Jennifer Lopez, Prince Royce And Selena Gomez — have come together to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando massacre in a song titled “Hands.” The song speaks about the power each individual holds — the power to build or to destroy. The song, which was created with support from GLAAD, also features vocals by Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Juanes, Pink and Mary J. Blige.

GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told Billboard it’s important to drive out the hate and ignorance that led to the attacks. “When you hear the song it talks about hate being the driver here, and that’s important because we have to be able to identify what’s driving these cruel acts in order to stop them. Artists using their platforms to accelerate acceptance is very powerful,” said Ellis.

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