Lawsuit Between Selena’s Father And Chris Perez Puts Miniseries On Hold

Last month, mitĂș reported that “To Selena, With Love,” Chris Perez’s 2012 memoir about his relationship with Selena, had been optioned for an upcoming television miniseries by the production company Endemol Shine North America. However, thanks to a lawsuit brought on by Abraham Quintanilla Sr., Selena’s father, the miniseries is facing cancellation.

The lawsuit stems from an old agreement between Perez and the Quintanilla family.


In May of 1995, according to the Quintanilla estate lawsuit, Chris Perez signed an agreement that he would not profit from Selena’s name “by way of a book, television series, movie, or any other motion picture medium.” In exchange, Perez was given 25 percent of the “net profits derived” from Selena’s estate, and the Quintanilla family would retain “all proprietary rights in the name, voice, signature, photograph, and likeness of Selena…”

According to the contract, Perez had no legal authority to sell his book, let alone option it to television.


The book, which currently holds a 5-star rating on Amazon, is adored by fans.

Fans have taken to social media to express their anger over the lawsuit.


It’s not fair to have to pick sides…

…but most people seem to be on Chris’ side.

Hopefully the two parties can work this out for the sake of Selena and the fans who don’t want to see her name in court like this.

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