She’s Already Breaking Charts, And This Is Only Lauren’s First Single Away From Fifth Harmony

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Lauren Jauregui is the latest Fifth Harmony member to start dropping singles.

Lauren Jauregui teamed up with songwriter Marian Hill to drop her sick single “Back To Me” and the world is loving it. The song is getting so much love from fans and Jauregui herself is beyond grateful that her fans have given her so much love. Not only is the song a fun electronic jam, it sounds nothing like what we have heard Jauregui sing as a member of Fifth Harmony.

One the first day that the song was released on iTunes, it shot to the top of several charts.

And, clearly, Jauregui is very excited about the reception.

And the fans are loving it.

Get it, girl!

Some people are really loving how more Fifth Harmony girls are making their own music.

We call that a built-in audience in the industry, just saying.

They are encouraging Jauregui by showing her how hyped chicks are for the song.

Talk about rushing the stage!

Seriously, the fans are grooving so hard to this new track.

?”I just need your eyes on me / So I can see you watching me move it, move it, move it / So soft and cryptic / Oh, while you listen to the music.”?

But, most of all, the fans are just so proud to watch their Lauren spread her wings.

Your fans definitely love you to pieces, Lauren.

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