Here’s What it Would Look Like if Famous Latinos Had Man Buns

Did you think man buns were played out by now? Not yet. Retailers are actually selling clip-on man buns for all those folically-challenged dudes out there who want in on the look of 2015. Let’s be honest – clip-on man buns mean it’s time to retire the look for a decade or two…but it did get us thinking… what would some of our favorite Latino celebs look like with man buns? Take a look:

1. Juan Gabriel

2. Pitbull

3. Danny Trejo

4. Walter Mercado

5. Vicente Fernández

6. Prince Royce

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7. Lionel Messi

8. Luis Guzman

9. Daddy Yankee

10. Mark Anthony

11. William Levy

12. Ricky Martin

13. George Lopez

So, um… yeah. Let’s stop with the man buns, OK?

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