White People Playing Latino Actors on Broadway is a Thing of the Past


Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s new play on Broadway, On Your Feet!, is bringing more Latino actors into the theater. This is a BIG deal — huge even — because for the better part of Broadway’s history, Latino actors were almost non existent.

“In the past, shows were written about Hispanics (West Side Story), but not by Hispanics,” as Raul Reyes writes for NBC News. “Nor was it unusual for a show with Latino characters not to hire any actual Latino actors.”

¿Qué, qué? That’s correct. And since ticket have generally been on the pricey side for these Latino plays sans Latinos, Latino audiences weren’t exactly rushing to grab a seat.

Luckily, with On Your Feet! and other plays featuring Latinos, like Hamilton, this is only the beginning for because we now see Broadway “can’t control itself any longer.”

Read more about Latinos on Broadway here.

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15 Times Santana Lopez Proved to Be a Master at Shutting People Down


15 Times Santana Lopez Proved to Be a Master at Shutting People Down

Credit: @nayarivera / Instagram

Santana Lopez has always been our beacon of Latina light in a super shady world and, honestly, that’s why we love her. Take notes.

She is the master of shady compliments. ?

Credit: Glee / FOX / lydsiargent / Tumblr

Kind of like when your tía says your weight gain at least means your aren’t starving.

Answering tough questions with a little sass is her forté.

Credit: Glee / FOX / lydsiargent / Tumblr

You tell ’em, Santana.

You know that she DGAF about what you think of her.

Credit: Glee / FOX / retro-rampage / Tumblr

Like, at least you know where you stand, right?

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It’s hard to impress Santana with anything basic.

Credit: Glee / FOX / babraandme / Tumblr

Shut it down! ?

She proved time and time again that she definitely knows her place in this world.

Credit: Glee / FOX / thegreatrosh / Tumblr

It isn’t her fault that her place is higher than yours.

She was just born that way.

Credit: Glee / FOX / lydsiargent / Tumblr

Which means you should never cross her. Never.

When Santana’s around, there’s only room for one hater.

Credit: Glee / FOX / lifeslikeacupoftea / Tumblr

Just like there can’t be too many chefs in one kitchen…

But don’t judge her, she is constantly growing as a human being.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gleeismyheart / Tumblr

Just give her some time because change is hard af, yo.

She totally knows who she is and that’s something we should all strive for.

Credit: Glee / FOX / camilajauregui / Tumblr

She doesn’t apologize for being sassy.

Santana takes pride on where she comes from.

Credit: Glee / FOX / camilajauregui / Tumblr

Noted: don’t mess with Lima Heights girls.

She loves her adjectives. Like, a lot.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gleeismyheart / Tumblr

She’s kind of like a poet.

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You can always count on her to give you an appropriate and clever nickname.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gleeismyheart / Tumblr

Or as many of us call it, tío.

She owns up to her indiscretions like only a Latina can.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gleeismyheart / Tumblr

By admitting what she did then making the person seem like the worse one.

Santana is the queen of consolidating her problems into one.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gotevita / Tumblr

Only Santana can take Santería to the next level…with class.

And, at the end of the day, Santana knows that no one can survive without her honesty.

Credit: Glee / FOX / gotevita / Tumblr

So if you have a problem with it, you can either grow up or GTFO.

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