Think the Latino Vote Matters? It Does and Latinos are Ready to Vote this Election, Here’s Why

It’s true, unfortunately, that many Latinos have given two flying sh*ts about presidential elections in the past. HOWEVER, this time around many more Latinos are paying attention.

You gotta give it to Donald Trump for calling Latinos “rapists” because that little comment garnered the attention of many Latinos. A Latino Decisions poll for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) found that 2 out of 5 Latinos are watching this election more closely than compared to the last election. That’s 43 percent of the Latinos polled… and that’s a whole lot more.

It’s a fact that many Latinos are disappointed with Obama’s immigration reform, or lack thereof, and are now looking for a candidate that offers a concrete plan — that’s definitely NOT Donald Trump — which would mean better jobs and a better socioeconomic status.

“It’s a time when we know that Latinos are beginning to pay a lot more attention – they are focused on the economy and jobs and what’s happening to them financially,” said Erika Rodriguez, VP of NCLR.

If this much attention would translate into votes, the sleeping giant would no longer be sleeping.

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