Latinos Are Becoming U.S. Citizens To Vote Against Trump

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There are very few positives that have come out of Donald Trump running for President. In fact, the only one I can think of is this:

More legal residents are becoming U.S. citizens just so they can vote against Trump.

Immigrant Children Sworn In At Florida Naturalization Ceremony

According to the New York Times, applications for naturalization went up by 11 percent in 2015.


Government officials expect that up to one million people could seek citizenship in 2016.


It’s unclear how many of these are Latinos, but according to the Pew Research Center, of the 8.8 million legal residents who can become citizen, 2.7 million are of Mexican origin.


Unfortunately, as is the case with other things pertaining to civic engagement, Mexicans (like my mom…Come on, get it together ma!) become citizens at a lower rate (36 percent) than other immigrant groups (average is 68 percent).

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So what does this all mean? It proves Trump is enough of a threat to Latinos that they’re being motivated to do something they normally don’t do; they’re registering to vote.

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So please, for the love of your own people, register to vote. Just do it already.

Read more about this story at the New York Times here.

Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

White Man Refuses Latino Man’s Burial In This Illegal Stand Off

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White Man Refuses Latino Man’s Burial In This Illegal Stand Off

Credit: Virginia / San Domingo Cemetery / Findagrave.com

Donna Barrera’s wish to bury her husband at her hometown’s cemetery was denied because he is Latino. No, this did not happen in the 1950s, it’s happening today, in 2016, in Texas.

“He wasn’t supposed to be buried there, because he’s a Mexican, or of Spanish descent, or whatever you want to say. That’s what I told her and that’s what we’ve been doing,” said Jimmy Bradford, whose great, great grandfather asked to convert his land to a cemetery for the residents of Normana in the South of Texas. He’s now the owner of the cemetery.

According to the 1948 Supreme Court case Shelley v. Kraemer, racial agreements on real estate are outlawed. Which makes Bradford’s denial of burial based on race absolutely illegal and unconstitutional.

Barrera has had to deal with the loss of her husband of 44 years and the fact that she can’t bury him in her town. “I love my husband with all my heart,” she told KiiiTV in Texas. “That was 44 years with him and then all of a sudden this comes out of the woodwork.”

Friends of Barrera’s, who were present when Brandford denied her burial, were in complete disbelief. “I just heard him telling her that he had to be buried over there with the blacks,” said her friend Alfredo Lopez.

Amanda Brown, her caregiver, said, “There shouldn’t be no racism, at all. We are all one kind and for him to have said that to her – it’s horrible.”

In spite of the opposition and the illegality of it all, Brandford told a local reporter: “Well, I guess if she tells Obama and he comes down here and tells me I guess I’d have to. Otherwise, No.”

Get all the details on this story from Fox Latino here.

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