Cringworthy Latino Wedding Disasters that’ll Make You Want to Stay Single

Latino weddings are no joke, but that doesn’t mean they’re a serious affair  – funny stuff happens at ALL THE TIME. And not always on purpose. Watch these wedding disasters and try not to laugh:

The Couple Who Thought a Caballo Seemed Like a Good Idea

Credit: Funny Pranks/YouTube

Unless of course you don’t know how to get off a dang horse, because the first step is a doozy.

The Guys Who Don’t Grasp the Purpose of la Víbora

Oh, Ladies is Pimps, Too

The Photographer Who had to Get the Perfect Shot

This Guy Who Combined Taconazo with Too Much Tequila

The Borracho Who had One Too Many

La Dama Who Can’t Surpress Her Thirst

The Couple Who Got a Little Too Cocky

The Wedding DJ Who Pushes All the Right Buttons

The Bride Who Took a Nap During Her Ceremony

Credit: Marlene Juárez / YouTube

This bride was probably thinking “I should have had breakfast.” Then she crumpled to the floor.

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen at a wedding?  Let us know below!

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