Latino Superheroes Flex their Muscles at Chicano-Con

Chicano-Con Art

Getting into San Diego’s Comic-Con is tougher than the skin under the Hulk’s heels. After fighting too many losing battles over SDCC badges, David Favela and his crew decided to launch his own convention: Chicano-Con. Hosted at the Border X Brewery in San Diego – a stone’s throw away from Comic-Con – the event showcases under-appreciated Latino comic books, superheroes and art.  We spoke with Victoria Carter, one of the event organizers, and asked “¿Que onda con Chicano-Con?”

The event was conceived as an art show but morphed into something more.

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“It turned into a family-oriented event focusing on the community, the culture of art, shared experiences and giving back to the community. And just being able to create a creative outlet for artists.”

They want people to get to know their neighborhood, Barrio Logan.

“There was a rough past but I think times have changed. It’s become the place to be now. There are just so many different art galleries, there’s just so many different businesses that are opening up. We have more breweries that are moving down. It does have its past but it’s not what it is anymore. It’s become something new. It’s become something better.”

They’re not trying to emulate the busy, frenetic vibe of Comic-Con.

And they’ve got no beef with Comic-Con. “We didn’t go into this saying, ‘Hey Comic-Con doesn’t have anything to do with Latinos.’” It’s more of a fun event where we can experience the same joy and everything that everyone else is doing. I mean, we have so many Latin-inspired comics already, so we might as well have some fun while everyone else is.”

What kind of art is on display at Chicano-Con?

“We have a lot of luchador art. It’s just anything, really, that’s comic related and inspired by Latin Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics. Anything like that.”

So what can attendees do at Chicano-Con?

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“We are doing movie nights, giving away free popcorn to the kids. Having a kids corner where they can do arts and crafts and be interactive. We will have vendors there so they can sell their merchandise and just kind of have a really good place to network and mingle and it is going on during Comic Con so it is a good time for everyone to come over here and relax from all the congested areas down there and all the crazy stuff that’s going on. They can just step outside of the zone for a little bit, have a beer and just relax with everyone.”

Chicano-Con @ Border X Brewing
2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, California 92113

Los Angeles Latinos Give Trump A Piece of Their Mind


Los Angeles Latinos Give Trump A Piece of Their Mind


Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Los Angeles, arriving at the Luxe Hotel on Friday to deliver a speech to the Friends of Abe, a group of entertainment industry conservatives. CHIRLA (Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) seized the opportunity and organized a protest to tell Trump one thing: he is not welcome in Los Angeles.

The Organizers had a Clear Message

Diana Colin, 27, State-Wide Organizer for CHIRLA

Diana Colin
Credit: Guadalupe Contreras

“We’re here to send him a strong message. L.A. does not welcome hate. L.A. is a pro-immigrant city and a pro-immigrant state here in California. We pass pro-immigrant policies and we elect pro-immigrant representatives.”

Families Stood Together

Andrea Tanyo, 15, Los Angeles (pictured right with her family)

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“My mom is an immigrant, but she’s never done anything bad. She’s a hard worker. If I was sitting across from Donald Trump, I would say not to say what he said ever again because it is rude to people and to Mexicans because it is not true.”

Some Demanded Respect

Eli Alejandro, 38, Los Angeles

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“Latinos have a lot of power. We are doing a lot of business here and we contribute a lot economically. We want respect. We don’t need somebody like him in politics.”

Others Can’t Believe Trump is Taken Seriously

Johana Mendoza, 19, Los Angeles

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I think it is an embarrassing to consider someone as racist as he is as a presidential candidate. I have many friends who are undocumented college students and I don’t think it’s fair to label someone when you don’t know their story or you’re not able to take a day in their shoes.”

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Some Say Trump is a Fear Monger

Joshua Gonzalez, 21, Calabasas

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“People already fear us because they think we are gang members or whatever. Now, with these false statements, people are going to think that we are that; we’re drug dealers or we’re rapists and it creates problems for us.”

Some Protesters Swelled with American Pride

Jose Maleonaeo, 73, Los Angeles

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“We’re all immigrants. A lot of Latinos are immigrants. I picked cotton. I did all of this to build the country up. I am not from Mexico. I am from Texas.”

Others Were there to Support their Spouses

Crystal Guerra, 25, Fontana, Calif.

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I came here to support my people: immigrants, and Mexico, and, especially, my husband. My husband does not drink, he does not smoke. He’s a hard worker and that’s all he does.”

Not All Latino Protesters Were Against Trump

Maria Lumdquist, 52, Los Angeles

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“He will make America like it was before: good. Not like now. Look at what happened in San Francisco. There’s people in jail and they get deported and come back.”

But Pro-Trump Protesters were Outnumbered

Jade Perez, 19, Anaheim


“I’m happy to see that there are a lot of people gathering to fight for this cause. I believe that we are hard workers and that we came to pursue a better future for ourselves.”

Some Addressed Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy

Martha Muñoz, 54, Hawthorne

Credit: Guadalupe Contreras

“Latinos are contributing a lot to the U.S. and they are the working hands that bring the wealth. I see it in the fields, especially the farming fields. Only Latinos, Mexican mostly from Mexico. They bring them here to work and that food that these people are serving on their tables is harvested by my people. We’ve been contributing a lot.”

This Adorable Little Dude Joined the Protest with Dad

Erik Schou, 44, Los Angeles

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I think it’s horrible what he’s saying; it’s horrible what he’s doing. He’s prosecuting all immigrants. At one point and time, we were all immigrants. Only the Native Americans are the true Americans.”

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Some Feel Latinos are Used as Political Pawns

Maria Sandoval, 42, Los Angeles

Credit: Guadalupe Contreras

“It’s not fair that he is using us as a prop for his political campaign. He is using us for attention so he can win the electoral campaign. Why is he attacking Mexicans? Or why is he referring to the Mexican community?”

Many Wanted to Stand Up for their Communities

Nancy Rosales-Hernandez, 23, San Fernando Valley

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I personally am affected by what Donald Trump said and I feel like it is time for us to support our community. That’s why I am here. I, myself, am an immigrant and I am a student as well and I am the daughter of immigrants.”

Others wanted Trump to Know How Hard They Work

Maria Galvin, 46, San Fernando Valley

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“We employ people. For example, my husband has a shop and he employs three citizens. We have been paying taxes for 16 years. We contribute a lot.”

Some were there Representing Immigrants from Previous Generations

Hector Perez, 22, Anaheim

Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

“I came out here today on behalf of my grandpa because he’s an immigrant … I am where I am today because of him. He’s a contributing member to society just like everybody else I’ve seen. You can’t even tell he’s an immigrant anymore.”

Others were there to Support Friends

Moises Cabral, 41, Whittier, Calif.


“[A close friend] was the first person who was really close to me that said he was undocumented. When he said that I didn’t even know what undocumented meant but when he told me he was from Mexico and he didn’t have any papers, then I knew what I meant. I still remember him. When I look at the children growing up, I see a little bit of him.”

And Quite a Few Wanted to Take a Few Hacks at this Piñata

Donald Trump piñata
Credit: Guadalupe Contreras

What do you think about Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants? mitú wants to know. Comment below.

with reporting by Guadalupe Contreras

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