Latino Superheroes Flex their Muscles at Chicano-Con

Getting into San Diego’s Comic-Con is tougher than the skin under the Hulk’s heels. After fighting too many losing battles over SDCC badges, David Favela and his crew decided to launch his own convention: Chicano-Con. Hosted at the Border X Brewery in San Diego – a stone’s throw away from Comic-Con – the event showcases under-appreciated Latino comic books, superheroes and art.  We spoke with Victoria Carter, one of the event organizers, and asked “¿Que onda con Chicano-Con?”

The event was conceived as an art show but morphed into something more.


Photo Credit: @cdeeandawerks / Instagram

“It turned into a family-oriented event focusing on the community, the culture of art, shared experiences and giving back to the community. And just being able to create a creative outlet for artists.”

They want people to get to know their neighborhood, Barrio Logan.


They’re not trying to emulate the busy, frenetic vibe of Comic-Con.


What kind of art is on display at Chicano-Con?

“We have a lot of luchador art. It’s just anything, really, that’s comic related and inspired by Latin Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics. Anything like that.”

So what can attendees do at Chicano-Con?


“We are doing movie nights, giving away free popcorn to the kids. Having a kids corner where they can do arts and crafts and be interactive. We will have vendors there so they can sell their merchandise and just kind of have a really good place to network and mingle and it is going on during Comic Con so it is a good time for everyone to come over here and relax from all the congested areas down there and all the crazy stuff that’s going on. They can just step outside of the zone for a little bit, have a beer and just relax with everyone.”

Chicano-Con @ Border X Brewing
2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, California 92113

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