How Instagram is Not Like Real Life

Credit: @josiephotography / Instagram & JUANJOXX MX / YOUTUBE

Your filters aren’t fooling anyone…

Quinceañera on Instagram

Quinceañera in Real Life

Ay, tío.

Breakfast on Instagram

Breakfast in Real Life

It tastes better than it looks.

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Partying on Instagram

Mood. #ChampagneShowers tonight? #ClubDV8 #DV8Saturdays

A photo posted by Club DV8 (@clubdv8) on

Partying in Real Life


A photo posted by Maria (@mariacappelli1) on

House parties are just as fun and cheaper.

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Vacationing on Instagram

La cara de monger habla por sí misma 😀 😀 😀

A photo posted by Bea RB (@bei_tas) on

Vacationing in Real Life

#vacacionesenfamilia #paseo#lancha

A photo posted by Carrera Ortiz (@carreraortizo_o) on

The more the merrier… right?

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