Watch These Latino Movies And Try To Say You Aren’t Proud To Be A Latino

OK, it sucks that Latinos are underrepresented on the big screen, but when we do get a chance, we PUT IN WORK. Inspirational storylines, hot actors and Oscar-winning productions — we’ve done it all. These 11 movies will fill you up with more than enough orgullo and ganas to go out there and kick ass.

La Bamba

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Ritchieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ritchie Valens was a Chicano rocker from humble beginnings who turned the Mexican folk song “La Bamba” into a mainstream hit. Just as his star was rising, he died in a plane crash at age 17. The movie version of La Bamba made us fall in love with Esai Morales (who played Ritchie’s badass brother, Bob), turned Lou Diamond Phillips into an honorary Latino and showed us that we can find inspiration in tragedy.

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