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Why Latinos Can’t Afford Rent

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Everyone in the U.S. went through hard times during the recession that peaked in 2009 with the housing market crash. And while the economy is slowly recovering, Latino millennials are not buying houses anytime soon.

Trulia, the real estate listing site, recently posed this question: “Who Lost the American Dream?” To no one’s surprise, the answer seems to be: Latino millennials.

During the recession, five percent of the population become renters rather than homeowners and “Hispanics became renters at a rate greater than any other ethnic group,” Trulia says.

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“Not only are the percentage of renters increasing, so are the rents – which have risen faster than incomes,” Trulia stated. “Average rents in the top 50 markets have risen 22.3 percent while incomes nationally fell 5.8 percent in the nine years since 2006.”

So with incomes being low and housing prices increasing, the coveted “American Dream” seems more like a mirage than dreamlike.

Read more about the prolonged housing crisis from the LA Weekly here.

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Newsflash: You’ve Been Eating Hot Cheetos The Basic Way

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Newsflash: You’ve Been Eating Hot Cheetos The Basic Way

Credit: @monikalvidrez87 / Instagram

Because there’s no such thing as too spicy.

Most of us that love spicy food can’t resist these:

Credit: @mirna.uvina / Instagram

And it’s almost an unwritten rule that we drench them in limón y chile.

Credit: / Instagram

Because when you’re done crunching away, this is the best part.

Credit: @jessiegonz88 / Instagram

But that’s child’s play. This is how real Hot Cheetos addicts up the game.

Credit: @daisydailybakery / Instagram

Like swapping the hot sauce for melted cheese.

Credit: @maverickbriones / Instagram

Or making basic nachos even hotter.

Credit: @slusheeland / Instagram

Others add them to their chili for some much-needed crunchy goodness.

Credit: @dom_olvera / Instagram

Breakfast of champs? This right here.

Credit: / Instagram

For lunch, a Hot Cheetos hot dog.

Credit: @bingbing143 / Instagram

But Hot Cheetos on top of hot dogs look even better.

Credit: @davesdogs805 / Instagram

Burger lovers can’t resist this…

Credit: @mrbiggsmenu / Instagram

Hardcore addicts add Hot Cheetos to their own recipes.

Credit: @tweakin_ass / Instagram

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Chicken nuggets without Hot Cheetos are just… sad little nuggets.

Credit: @thehotcheeto / Instagram

Wings without Hot Cheetos batter are not real hot wings.

Credit: @izzidaprince / Instagram

Cure your sick little soul with Hot Cheetos noodle soup.

Credit: @chrisridesfixies / Instagram

Feeling a little bougie? There are options for your dependency.

Credit: @meetinlongbeach / Instagram

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You’re probably wondering how you’ve been living your entire life without this.

Credit: @jed-_mikki / Instagram

For dessert…

Credit: @handmadebyjolie / Instagram

What would pair perfectly with any of these meals?

Credit: @monikalvidrez87 / Instagram

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