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How these Latino Military Heroes Put Trump to Shame

Latino Military
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¡¿Que se cree Donald Trump?! In extensive interviews with Michael D’Antonio, his biographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter at Newsday, Trump likened his education at the ritzy New York Military Academy, military service. And although he has never served, Trump claims he has “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.” ? But has he ever done anything close to what these brave Latinos have done to protect our country and freedoms? Let’s take a moment to honor these heroes.

Fernando Luis García – Korean War

Photo Credit: U.S. Marines

Birthplace: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Garcia threw himself on a grenade to save his fellow Marine after their unit was ambushed. He was the first Puerto Rican to receive a Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor Awarded: Sept. 5, 1952

Mike Pena – Korean War

Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas

Realizing that his unit’s ammunition was low, Pena told his men to retreat. He spent the entire night single-handedly keeping the enemy at bay before he was killed.

Medal of Honor Awarded: March 18, 2014

Carlos Lozada – Vietnam War

Photo Credit: U.S. Marines

Birthplace: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Realizing he was the last line of defense, Lozada provided cover for soldiers after their unit was attacked. He killed at least 20 North Vietnamese soldiers before being fatally wounded.

Medal of Honor Awarded: Nov. 20, 1967

Eurípides Rubio – Vietnam War

Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Birthplace: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Rubio handed out ammunition, took over for a fallen machine gun operator and used a smoke grenade to show air support the location of the enemy during an ambush. Rubio died in action.

Medal of Honor Awarded: Nov. 8, 1966

Humbert Roque Versace – Vietnam War

Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii

Versace refused to talk after being captured by the Viet Cong, who then executed him. Prisoners said the last thing they heard from Versace was him singing “God Bless America.”

Medal of Honor Awarded: July 8, 2002

José Jiménez – Vietnam War

Photo Credit: U.S. Marines

Birthplace: Mexico City

Jiménez took on the enemy alone, destroying enemy weapons and troops before being fatally wounded.

Medal of Honor Awarded: Aug. 28, 1969

Héctor Santiago-Colón – Vietnam War

Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Birthplace: Salina, Puerto Rico

Santiago-Colón spotted a grenade that had been thrown at his unit during a late-night battle. He grabbed the grenade, put it into his shirt and turned away from his unit, taking the full impact of the blast.

Medal of Honor Awarded: June 28, 1968

Ambrosio Guillen – Korean War

Photo Credit: U.S. Marines

Birthplace: La Junta, Colorado

Guillen’s unit was pinned down by two enemy platoons, so he deliberately exposed himself to enemy fire to help injured soldiers. After leading his unit to victory, Guillen died of his injuries.

Medal of Honor Awarded: August 18, 1954

Marcario García – World War II


Birthplace: Villa de Castano, Mexico

García single-handedly killed six enemy troops and captured four German prisoners. García was injured by bullets and grenade shrapnel during his charge.

Medal of Honor Awarded: Nov. 27, 1944

George Lopez Makes Us Happy Cry With A Gift To A Latino Soldier Just Trying To Make It To The Birth Of His Son


George Lopez Makes Us Happy Cry With A Gift To A Latino Soldier Just Trying To Make It To The Birth Of His Son

georgelopez / Instagram

Comedian George Lopez said he helped out a U.S. service member make it home in time to be at the birth of his first child. 

Lopez writes in an Instagram post that he ran into the young man while at an airport bar. Lopez thanked the unnamed service member for his service and asked him where he was headed and learned he was taking leave to be at the birth of his first child.

George Lopez helped make one man’s dream come true.

Credit: @FOX26Houston / Twitter

Lopez was at an airport bar where he met a service member who was going to miss the birth of his son because he couldn’t afford a plane ticket home – he’d be taking the bus instead.

For Lopez, that just wasn’t an option. So to guarantee he would make it home in time, Lopez stepped in and helped. “Take this and buy yourself an airline ticket,” Lopez said in the Instagram post. 

In an Instagram post, Lopez shared the story of what happened.

Lopez shared pictures he received from the service member, letting Lopez know he made it to the birth in time. Lopez ended his post by reminding everyone to thank military members before taking an apparent jab at President Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“Take a moment to thank them for their service, because without the brave men and women and LGBTQ we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to agree or disagree,” Lopez wrote. “America has always been great.”

The Instagram post has racked up nearly 150,000 likes

Many on Twitter hoped that there were more people like George Lopez on this Earth.

Credit: georgelopez / Instagram

Same gurl, same. With al lthe negative news in the world we need more good people doing more good things.

While other’s pointed out that generosity is the best way to pay it forward.

Credit: georgelopez / Instagram

There’s a little thing called karma and when you help people out, especially those who are less fortunate than you, the universe typically rewards you big.

And that one act of kindness obviously meant the world to a growing family.

While another hoped the heartwarming experience would send a signal to our president.

Credit: @georgelopez / Twitter

We doubt it but it’s possible that the commander-in-chief may possibly some how be inspired by the feel good moment. Maybe…? We all know that our country’s inhumane immigration policies could use some compassion.

And a lot of people on Twitter were just happy to finally hear some good news.

Credit: @georgelopez / Twitter

It’s so true though. We are all constantly overwhelmed by the onslaught of noticias malas, from migrants dying on their journey to the US to Trump’s racist remarks about ‘the Squad.’

So many were quick to welcome this moment of compassion and generosity between strangers. And we’re totally here for it.

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Two Marines In California Have Been Charged With Smuggling Immigrants Across The Border

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Two Marines In California Have Been Charged With Smuggling Immigrants Across The Border

Coming to the U.S. isn’t easy. It can cost a lot of money whether people do it legally or not. Sometimes it can even cost them their lives. In 2018, The New York Times reported that coyotes — people who help undocumented immigrants enter the U.S. — charged people thousands of dollars. But who are these coyotes anyway? Coyotes can be anyone, men, women, professionals or otherwise. Coyotes have also been known to exploit those they are supposedly trying to help. The job is a dangerous one that puts all parties at risk with the ultimate goal of getting everyone in the party across the U.S.-Mexico border without injury or being caught. Unfortunately, more often than not, these stories don’t have a happy ending.

Two marines attempted to help undocumented immigrants enter the U.S., but were caught en route to their destination.

Credit: @vevecurl / Twitter

According to media reports on July 3, Camp Pendleton marines Byron Darnell Law II and David Javier Salazar-Quintero were arrested at Jacumba Hot Springs, California — which is east of San Diego near the border. The men had three undocumented immigrants in their car. They now face “one felony count of seeking monetary compensation,” Fox5 reports. When the men were pulled over for questioning the two Marines began pointing fingers at one another, CNN reports.

Salazar-Quintero allegedly told Law if he wanted to make $1000 for transporting the undocumented immigrants.

Credit: @Mickpgem / Twitter

This was not the first time Salazar-Quintero helped undocumented people enter the U.S. According to news reports, he told officials that he had picked people near Jacumba Hot Springs several times before. Officials spoke to the undocumented immigrants who said that they paid Salazar-Quintero $8,000 to be smuggled into the U.S. That amount is what the standard rate is, according to the 2018 New York Times report. However, Salazar-Quintero said he was expecting $500 for the pickup. It’s unclear if he was given more.

The complaint shows that Salazar-Quintero was the one spearheading the transportation details.

Credit: @realGenerationX / Twitter

It’s unclear who first contacted Salazar-Quintero but the complaint states that Law said Salazar-Quintero was handling the phone calls which include information about instructions. Salazar-Quintero also speaks Spanish which helped in facilitating the movement.

It’s also uncertain if other marines helped Salazar-Quintero to smuggle undocumented immigrants previously or if he acted alone. One theory that perhaps helped Salazar-Quintero is that officials wouldn’t question why he would have undocumented people in his car since he is an official marine. However, if he was in plains clothing that may have been a reason why he got caught.

Both marines are distinguished officers who have received awards for their service.

Credit: @shastableus / Twitter

The National Review reports that they both enlisted in 2017 and “have won the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. Officials at Camp Pendleton said they are cooperating “fully with the investigative efforts into this matter.”

While coyotes aren’t the main way people enter the country, it’s a method that is still used whether it is through car transport or via semi-trucks.

We’ve seen previous reports of dozens, if not hundreds, of undocumented immigrants being transported through semi-trucks. Some are in there for days without water or without means to use the bathrooms. The NY Times reports that “a decade ago, Mexicans and Central Americans paid between $1,000 and $3,000 for clandestine passage into the United States. Now they hand over up to $9,200 for the same journey, the Department of Homeland Security reported last year.”

Fox News now reports that Mexico is trying to combat the smuggling of undocumented immigrants by using X-ray machines to see inside trucks.

“Mexican officials say they caught more than 200 migrants hidden in trucks the last two days, using X-rays to see the people hidden inside. The Mexican security ministry also said it found 228 migrants in a routine search of a soft drink transportation truck in one of its southern states on Monday.”

“It is our strategic objective to end the impunity for human traffickers,” Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Monday, according to Fox News.

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