Latino Business Organization Using Taco Trucks To Get People To Polling Stations

Last week, people were given a break from the awful, soul-sucking and spirit-crushing political discourse of the season. It came in the form of Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez, who warned that if we didn’t do something about America’s immigration policy, there would be a taco truck in every corner. But instead of being scared into voting for Donald Trump, people were like, “Wait, for real? How do we make that happen?” And so, #TacoTrucksInEveryCorner was born.

Which brings us to now: The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which claims to represent the interests of more than 4.1 million Latino-owned businesses across this great (but flawed) country of ours and has thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton, is looking to capitalize on America’s love affair with tacos by getting people to actually show up to vote. And the name of this plan? “Guac The Vote.”

The plan is twofold. First, the USHCC will recruit taco trucks nationwide to commit to register customers to vote. Then, on election day, that Latino business owner will then park his or her taco truck in front of their local polling station.

“Taco trucks are American small business at its finest,” USHCC president and CEO Javier Palomarez told the Washington Post. “Fifty states of taco trucks at polling stations on Election Day would make one hell of a statement about the reality of Hispanic patriotism in America.”

It’s unclear how successful the campaign will be, but the USHCC appears to be making a legit and earnest effort:

Here we go folks! I recruited my very own first taco truck outside of my office for #guacthevote! Dalia has been in the…

Guac the Vote 发布于 2016年9月7日

Credit: Guac The Vote/Facebook

Sure, this might seem gimmick, but in these days where America is flirting with the idea of voting a man with a long history of defrauding other people into the presidency, sometimes you hit people in the gut.

The Moment This Orlando Shooting Survivor Met His Idol Had Everyone Crying


The Moment This Orlando Shooting Survivor Met His Idol Had Everyone Crying

Credit: YouTube / The Ellen Show

Tony Marrero is among the club-goers who survived the brutal shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12th. Since the attack, which took place on the club’s Latin Night, Tony found the strength to heal and recover with the help of Katy Perry’s “Rise.”

The moment Katy stepped onto the stage of the “The Ellen Show,” both she and Tony burst into tears, sharing an emotional embrace. (Katy even shared that she made sure to carry a folded napkin in her sleeve because she KNEW she’d break down crying.)

Credit: The Ellen Show

“I just want to thank you for everything you do. Your lyrics [from “Rise”] helped me from the day I was in the hospital, all the way to now,” Tony told her. “You’re amazing.”

To top it all off, Katy offered to help make Tony’s dream come true: She’s paying for his first year of film school. Aaaaaaaaand these aren’t tears, I just suffer from a wet face. Nothing to see here.

Credit: The Ellen Show

Tony also shared his experience on an episode of “True Life: We Are Orlando,” along with three other survivors, and discussed the extent of his injuries, as well as the exhausting mental and emotional toil it takes to work through a traumatic event.

So: Godspeed on your continued recovery, Tony. We can’t wait to see all the amazing art you’re going to make.

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