These Latinas Just Came Out Of The Closet For Trump

If you saw a Latinas for Trump t-shirt you might lol thinking it’s ironic. But you’re dead wrong.

Latinas for Trump are here, they’re severe, and you might have to get used to it! The group had a “coming out party” on Tuesday night in Miami, involving cocktails, appetizers and plenty of Trump paraphernalia.

Denise Galvez founded the group some time after watching her first choice, Marco Rubio, go down in flames in his own state. She said she secretly supported Trump, but was “almost ashamed” to admit it. Thus the idea of Latinas for Trump was born. She wanted to create an organization that would help her fellow closeted Trump fans come out.

After Trump’s border wall proposal, kicking a Latino reporter out of his press conference, calling Mexicans “rapists,” and most recently his racist comments about a U.S. district judge, it’s no surprise these Latinas would feel embarrassed to vote for him.

The Latinas for Trump talk about their preferred presidential candidate as if he’s their star-crossed lover, “I was in the closet since August of last year,” said Lisa Concepcion, a Puerto-Rican New Yorker. “I think the momentum he was gaining made it feel it was time for me to come out.”

The group has quickly swelled to over 250 members.

Read more about Latinas for Trump here.

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Courageous or crazy? What do you think of Latinas for Trump?

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