This Young Latina’s Work With Robots Will Give You All The Feels

One young Latina in Dallas, Tex. is making sure both Latinos and students with learning and mental disabilities get a fair shot at diving into the beautiful world of robotics.

This is Ivonne Torres, a senior at Sunset High School and captain of the robotics team, Robo*Flash, dedicated to students with disabilities.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

Since students with disabilities are often excluded from participating in robotics — something Ivonne knows firsthand given her own battles with dyslexia — this high schooler formed a team exclusively for them.

Ivonne started Robo*Flash to help students feel like part of a team to help prepare them for future employers.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

“We had an idea that if they’re in robotics and actually in STEM, companies are going to look at them and be like ‘Wow, I didn’t know you guys were capable of this stuff,’ and hopefully draw that attention towards them,” Torres told the Dallas Morning News.

Robo*Flash works alongside members of the main team that offer support.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

Robo*Flash has already won awards, including the teamwork award at the first Robotics FTC South Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Tex.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

“I really hope that this program does get more attention out into the public, and that the world sees that these kids have a lot of potential, and hopefully more companies start looking at hiring these kids because they need a future,” Torres says.

Watch the full video below to learn more about Robo*Flash.

Credit: Dallas News/ YouTube

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