Latina Says She Was Humiliated by Airport Employee Because Her Mom Doesn’t Speak English

Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin, a Venezuelan-American who lives in Texas, recently posted an emotional Facebook video accusing an American Airlines employee of treating her poorly because her mother didn’t speak English.

In the video, Gonzalez Negrin explains that every year, she asks for permission to accompany her mother through the gate before her mother boards the plane. She noted that it wasn’t an issue until recently:

“On this occasion, the person who helped me, well, it seems like she was a follower of Donald Trump or maybe she watches a lot of television or… I don’t know. Maybe she woke up in a bad mood. But this is the first time in 15 years of my life that I have lived in this country … that something like this has happened to me.”


Credit: Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin / Facebook

Gonzalez Negrin then breaks down what happened:

“This lady, when I asked for a pass to enter with my mom because my mom doesn’t speak English, the lady kept staring at my mom and said, ‘She’s perfectly fine and can go by herself.'”

“I told the lady, ‘It’s that every year, every time my mom comes, I take her to the gate because she gets nervous. She’s an elderly woman. She’s older than 65, that’s why I’m asking you to please let me go through with her.'”

Credit: Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin / Facebook

Gonzalez Negrin said the employee took her ID and kept staring at her mother. So she continued to explain her situation:

“I told her, ‘My mom doesn’t speak English. So to find the correct gate, sit down and talk to people in Houston is a bit tough for her.'”

Gonzalez Negrin says was unprepared for the cynical response she got from the employee: That’s strange, because most people around the world speak English.”

Credit: Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin / Facebook

Gonzalez Negrin replied: “Well, yeah, that’s strange because my mom lives in Venezuela, and she speaks Spanish, not English.”

She then asked the airport employee: “With all due respect, do you speak Spanish?”

The employee replied: “No. As a matter of fact, I don’t. I don’t need to speak Spanish. I live in America, so I don’t need to speak Spanish.”

Gonzalez Negrin says she replied, “Well, you’ve just made my point. My mom lives in Venezuela, and she doesn’t need to speak English. That’s why she doesn’t speak English.”

Credit: Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin / Facebook

Gonzalez Negrin says the employee then gave her a pass to enter the gate and once she was in line with her mother, she grabbed the pass and tore it in her face, telling her “Let’s see how you get in.”

What happened afterward? Nothing: “It’s that simple. She didn’t let me in.”

Gonzalez Negrin, who believes Donald Trump is creating an anti-Latino environment in the US, says she believes Latinos should value their worth and speak up whenever they feel discrimination: “All Latinos are worth something, from those of us who are engineers who work at refineries to those who work at McDonalds, clean houses or take care of children. We are all valuable.”


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Posted by Rosmila Gonzalez Negrin on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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