Colombian Pop Singer Grew Up Catholic and Now She’s Got a Song Called “Jesus Made Me Bad”

“Cos Jesus made me, but he gave me an evil mind.”

Colombian pop singer Lao Ra fashions herself a rebel. Check out her Tumblr and you’ll find pics of iconic female singers who were known for never sticking to the script: Gwen Stefani, M.I.A., Madonna. So, on her debut single, Lao Ra decided to go big. She playfully sticks out her tongue at the conservative culture of Catholicism with a song titled “Jesus Made Me Bad.” Here are some of the lyrics:

I’ll flirt with your dad
And I’ll sleep with your mum
And then, I´ll break your heart
I´ll make out with your friends
Oh I will misbehave
One day I’ll run away

Lao Ra knows she’s bound to ruffle a few feathers. She told The Fader even her family members aren’t fans of the song: “Even though my family isn’t religious, [they] think I’m disrespecting tradition.” Lao Ra says that’s the whole point.

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