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Poof! There Goes Poopó

Lake Poopó, is was the second largest lake in Bolivia, and it’s as good as gone. With its demise, hundreds of families have lost their way of life, thousands of fish have died and 75 types of birds have left the region.

Wait? Haven’t we seen this before here and here?

And yes, climate change was a factor on the now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t disappearing act, but it wan’t the only one. Aside from rising temperatures melted the glaciers that poured water into the lake, there are 100 mines that have been diverting water from the lake’s tributaries since 1982. What’s worse is that these mines have also contaminated what’s left of the lake with lead and cadmium causing the death of thousands of fish.

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Many have blamed the government for not doing enough to preserve the lake in time, but that’s because the president, Evo Morales, remembers it drying up and coming back again, “My father told me about crossing the lake on a bicycle once when it dried up.”

Although the government has requested $141 million to treat the lake, Milton Pérez, a researcher at Universidad Técnica says, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing the azure mirror of Poopó again. I think we’ve lost it.”

Learn more about what’s happening with Lake Poopó from The New York Times here.

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The Latino Announcers for the Carolina Panthers are Insane and Everyone Loves them For It


The Latino Announcers for the Carolina Panthers are Insane and Everyone Loves them For It

Meet Jaime Moreno and Luis Moreno Jr., the Spanish-language radio team for the Carolina Panthers…


Credit: Charlotte Observer / YouTube

They’re insane. Really. Just listen to them:

Credit: Carolina Panthers / YouTube


For the last six years, the Morenos have screamed their lungs out during Spanish-language radio broadcasts for the Panthers.

Credit: Charlotte Observer / YouTube

But they remained relatively unknown until late last year, when audio of this Cam Newton touchdown started making the rounds:

Credit: Carolina Panthers / YouTube


Soon, everyone, including non-Spanish speakers, began listening closely to the Morenos. Here they are working the song “El Coco No” into their call:

Credit: Carolina Panthers / YouTube

Is “Za Za Za (Mesa Que Más Aplauda)” more your thing? Here you go:

Credit: Carolina Panthers / YouTube

You can thank Jaime Moreno for all of that Spanish-language football awesomeness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.15.51 PM
Credit: Charlotte Observer / YouTube

Moreno, an immigrant from Mexico, was working a Spanish-language AM Radio gig in North Carolina when he thought of pitching a Spanish-language broadcast to the Panthers. In 2007, he got his shot. Moreno met the Panthers’ broadcast coordinator by chance while watching one of his son’s high school soccer matches. Moreno made his pitch and the Panthers were receptive. After considering the idea for a couple of seasons, the Panthers finally hired Moreno in 2009.

And he brought his nephew, Luis Moreno Jr., along for the ride:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.14.54 PM
Credit: Charlotte Observer / YouTube

Like his uncle, Luis Moreno Jr. is also a Mexican immigrant. Although he moved to US as a teen, Moreno Jr. was already familiar with NFL football. Once in the states, he played football in both high school and college. Jaime Moreno says his nephew’s playing experience was exactly what he needed to make his Spanish-language football broadcasts much stronger.

Why are they so hyped up? Because they designed their broadcasts to have a fútbol vibe.


There are 16 teams in the NFL who employ Spanish-language broadcast teams. Jaime Moreno says he wanted to stand out from the pack. His strategy? To give their broadcasts a soccer-influenced energy. Moreno told the Charlotte Observer: “We went soccer style because if you think about it, they celebrate so many things because there’s so little going on. If you use that formula for football, it works. You have the first down, a sack, a fumble recovery, interception. It’s celebrated.”

And just like soccer announcers, the Morenos have special nicknames for many of the Panthers players.


Credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty

Here’s the rundown via the Charlotte Observer:

Cam Newton is “El Dinosaurio.”  Moreno Jr.: “Because they don’t make them like him anymore.”

Ryan Khalil’s grandmother is from Sonora, Mexico, so his nickname is “El Sonorense.”

Luke Kuechly is “El Confesor.”

Jonathan Stewart is “El Terrible.”

Ted Ginn, Jr. is “El Aristocrata.”

Josh Norman is “El Bandolero.”

And they’re not only pumping up fans, they’re pumping up players. Some of the Panthers players have joked that during film room sessions,  they’d like to see highlights narrated by the Morenos.

Cornerback Josh Norman told the Charlotte Observer: “Shoot, those guys go mayhem. I love it just to hear it in Spanish. It gives you chills just listening to it because it gets you so hype.”

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